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Sherri Trudgian
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Hi, my name is Sherri and I am a history graduate, children’s author, mother of two adults and grandmother of the world’s cutest, smartest grandkidz (Isaac nine and Andrew three). I am a voracious reader, love all kinds of music, play the violin, enjoy most sports including rock climbing, don’t cook, don’t iron but love chocolate.

Back before the earth cooled and board books were invented, a forward thinking lady chose not to shower my son with clothes and toys but she came bearing three books of cloth. I believe those books were not only responsible for igniting his quest for knowledge but also for paying his way through graduate school via scholarships – YEAH!

Dr. Maria Montessori in her book The Absorbent Mind talks about “the profound ability of a young child from birth to age six to completely absorb the language, culture, and customs of their world, and reflect them back.” Their brains are primed for learning. I like to call it the “Giant Sponge” stage. Parents reading to their children help to develop those synapses and neural connections necessary for language development. It builds both the vocabulary and background knowledge necessary for a successful reader.

I was fortunate to be a “stay at home mom”. Our trips to the library and daily reading routine were the keys to maintaining my sanity over the years as I cared not only for my own two but many other children. It’s been a real joy to be involved with children through all their stages - whether it’s working with preschoolers, teaching Sunday School to second graders, co-directing summer camps for both jr. high and high schoolers or mentoring college students.

Life has taken me down a different path as an author. After teaching a ladies’ Bible study on Psalm 139, I thought, “Isaac needs to know this!” Thus the Psalms for Kidz series was born. We have published five in the series through Little Sprout Publishing House and hope to see number six out October 2011. This has also opened up many speaking opportunities for MOPS programs, ACSI preschool teachers’ conferences, and school chapels.

I count it a real honor and privilege to be part of the Best Children’s Books team. I plan on working very hard and enjoying every minute of it!  

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