Sheep in a Jeep
written by Nancy Shaw
illustrated by Margot Apple

Nancy Shaw's Sheep in a Jeep
Illustrated by Margot Apple

Children's book review by Steve Barancik

Ages 2-5

Since a review shouldn't be longer than the book...

Nancy Shaw
Wrote a book.
Margot Apple
Gave it a look.

Two women did
What Seuss would do
If he hadn't been writing
About Horton and Who's.

An ovine response
To Go, Dog. Go!
Your kids will laugh
When jeep needs a tow.

Babies love
When "baa-baas" drive.
And when they do
No car can survive!

Okay, my meter needs a little work.

I wasn't kidding about Go, Dog. Go! Here's a line from Sheep. See if it doesn't sound exactly like something from Eastman's book:

Sheep in a jeep
on a hill that's steep.

But here's the thing: Eastman's classic didn't rhyme! Nancy Shaw is taking things to a whole new level. And that's made Shaw's sheep so popular that they've spawned at least six more books:

  • Sheep in a Shop
  • Sheep on a Ship
  • Sheep Out to Eat
  • Sheep Trick or Treat
  • Sheep Blast Off, and
  • Sheep Take a Hike.

And of course they all rhyme.

Margot Apple's colored pencil illustrations provide at least half of the fun. Her sheep walk on their hind legs (and otherwise seem to behave like human children), and one of them wears a hat that makes him look much more like the farmer than the farmed.

(The text doesn't say anything to the effect, but the pictures led me to believe the sheep with the hat stole the jeep...and the hat.

Not that there's any reason to take the book so seriously. Sheep in a Jeep is good silly fun.

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four sheep in a jeep

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