Shapes, Colors and Counting Books

by Anonymous

My interest is counting books - and learning shapes and colors books - for two year olds.

I worked at a daycare teaching two year olds, and while I was there I would make up a lot of the stories and songs that I used to help them learn (colors, shapes, numbers, etc.).

So the children's books that I'm looking to publish right now are geared more towards learning than towards stories.

I love your website and found it very helpful, but I didn't see a category for the type of writing I'm looking to do. Do you review, edit, or even publish books geared more towards younger children for educational purposes?

Webmaster reply:

Thanks for the kind words about the site!

Let me start by saying that I think it behooves a writer like you in an era like this to think outside the box. But first, answers to your specific questions...

Our reviewers review books that they choose. We also offer paid reviews with the understanding that paid book reviews are held to the same standard as our other book reviews.

We also offer editing and critiquing services. If you wanted us to help aim your book at a market, we would want you to point us to some published books in the market you're aiming at for comparison.

We also let authors post stories to the site for free, and we would consider doing the same for someone with a numbers, shapes or colors book - though the need for illustrations could cause a problem.

Now, a few thoughts on thinking outside the box:

Getting published is tough, maybe tougher than ever! So my first admonition is to figure out what would make YOUR counting book (or shapes or colors book) stand out!

If you want someone to publish it, it's not enough that it be good. It needs to scream out, You've never seen anything like this before!

Otherwise publishers aren't likely to be interested in a new writer.

But remember, we're thinking outside the box. I started this site because I'd written a few children's books that I thought had great validity but that I suspected I'd have trouble getting published.

My strategy: build an audience by building a high quality, information-heavy website, then sell the books to my visitors. (Of which I currently receive over 1500 a day.) I sought to bypass publishers entirely and deliver my books electronically.

You see, the internet has given individuals like you and me the tools to develop our own audience. And in a time of shrinking revenues for publishers, even they are looking for authors who have an existing audience. They call it a "platform."

Well, now I have a platform.

Is my way of going about it the only way? Far from it. Self publishing in book form is increasingly affordable, and a lot of authors are doing it.

It's not for shrinking violets with no platform though. You have to be willing to put yourself out there: do school visits, send out press releases, learn your way around the internet. Be creative and look for marketing opportunities. NEVER expect your book to sell itself, because it won't!

So that's my take on your question. Maybe others have some thoughts??? And Best Children's Books Author Services is certainly here should you need us.


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