Sculptural, Expressive, Colorful, Playful

by Thomas Marsh
(Los Angeles)

Trouble In The Patch

Trouble In The Patch

Trouble In The Patch
Getting Ready For Fall
Design ruff for page
Going Off The Rails

Sculptural and Expressive with Color & Humor

I create lively, often whimsical illustrations of endearing characters. My caricature style and humorous images have a wide appeal and are expressive and vibrant. Inspired from an early age by the creations of Dr. Seuss, Mercer Mayer, Maurice Sendak and Jack Davis among others who often share the same gestural approach.

I always find new inspirations from a variety of creative people, from Thomas Hart Benton and Bernie Fuchs to C.F. Payne and the street work of Polish tandem Etam Cru. I could list so many but there’s way too much to love about a lot of different people and applied through a lot of different industries. So, I'm always seeking out new and exciting contemporaries to learn from, and to learn how and why they do what they do.

Along with illustration, I provide other services.

I worked 20+ in news journalism as a designer, illustrator and editor. I can provide critiques and feedback on your overall project; from writing to design and art direction.

Contact Thomas Marsh.

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