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Scholastic Book Clubs Are Different

All over this site, I try to urge parents to avoid the various book clubs.

They're a tricky deal. They tend to camouflage the shipping and handling cost until the bill comes. They force you to say you don't want a particular book...

Otherwise it shows up and they bill you for it.

Like I said, Scholastic is different.

Scholastic Book Clubs go by the names

  • Honeybee
  • Firefly
  • SeeSaw
  • Lucky
  • Arrow
  • Tab
  • Club Leo, and
  • Click!

To my mind, that's reason enough to participate when teacher sends the monthly flyer home with your kid.

Too many parents don't know that that's what that flyer means. The book clubs from Scholastic are a win-win situation for your child:

Books at home. Books in the classroom.

Teachers, here's where you can find out more about Scholastic Book Clubs.

Parents, if what you want is reading material showing up in the mail for your child on a regular basis, there are some great children's magazines out there.

And here's a page on getting more discounted children's books.

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