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My love of reading started at an early age. I was raised by a mom who was a teacher, and she instilled in me a love for the written word. By five, I have moved into the world of chapter books, reading classics like The Boxcar Children, and The Hardy Boys Series. As I grew, so did my love for books.

I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Communication Arts and Design. My education sparked an interest in children’s book illustration. This spark, along with my long love affair with literature, gave way to a desire to write and illustrate my own stories. Currently, I am working on the illustrations for my first book.

As a grown up, in a grown up world, I work (surprise) surrounded by books. I am an employee of the local library system. It is not a glamorous job and it will never keep me in diamonds, but it is an infinite literary resource and keeps me well supplied in coloring pages.

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