Samantha's Runaway Socks

by Gina Cirincione

cartoon socks

One day Mommy and I went shopping at the mall. I am only 2 years old so I really don’t like shopping very much. I have to sit in the carriage while mommy looks at lots of clothes and other stuff. It really is not fun for me. Sometimes, I wiggle around in the carriage and scream at mommy, “Get out!” a million times.

She says I have to stay in the carriage because if I walk around she might lose me. I cry sometimes because I am not very happy about being strapped in, even though mommy gives me my doll to keep me company. Playing with my baby doll is okay, but it is much more fun to throw my doll out of the carriage and watch mommy pick it up again and again.

After a while, the dropping my doll and watching mommy pick it up game, is not so much fun anymore. So I started playing with my shoes. I kicked one off and mommy picked it up. I started to cry when she tried to put it back on my foot. But Mommy said my feet would get cold if I did not keep them on. I didn’t care about warm feet so I kicked off the other shoe and mommy gave up trying to put them on. She made a mommy-face and put them in her bag. Hooray! My feet felt so good without shoes.

Then I started to wonder how good my feet would feel with my socks off! I pulled one off. Then I pulled the other sock off. I wiggled my toes and it made me laugh. I grabbed my toes and played as if each one was a wiggly worm and the worms played together on my feet. This was more fun than kicking off shoes.

Then I thought I would start a new game; throwing my socks on the floor so mommy could pick them, up again and again. I thought this would be a great new game! I pulled back my arm and with a big throw, two-year-old style, threw my sock on the mall’s slippery floor. Mommy didn’t see the sock fall and we just kept walking. Oh No, maybe she will look for the other sock if I throw the second one down. So down the other sock went. It fell under the carriage, under a big man’s feet and then slipped behind a garbage pail. Mommy didn’t see this sock either and I was having too much fun playing with my feet to worry about those silly old socks. We could find them later.

I started to get sleepy while mommy was pushing the carriage and I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I saw that my socks were standing up waving at me. They had found each other and decided to go on an adventure.

First, they walked to the shoe store and had fun jumping in and out of the shoes on the shelves. Red shoes, white shoes, green boots and even dressy shoes.This was a wonderful game until the salesperson saw them and told them to go away or he would put them on a shelf and sell them.

They were tired from all that jumping anyway, so they found a bed in a furniture store and snuggled under the blanket on the bed. A little boy, who started jumping on the bed, woke them up. They quickly dived off the bed because they were afraid the boy’s feet would squash them.

Saved once again, they skipped along happily. Then they saw some children playing with some toys in a toy store. The socks decided to show the children a new game. They would make believe they were hand puppets! They ran and jumped on the children’s hands! But the children didn’t like the socks’ new game because they thought socks only belonged on their feet. They tried to put them on their feet but the socks stretched, pulled, and twisted trying to get away so the boys and girls could not get them on their feet. The socks finally squeezed out of the children’s hands and scurried away down the shiny floor of the mall.

They began to worry that they were lost and would never find the little girl’s feet. Then they saw an old man sleeping with his shoes off. They decided to hide in his shoe where they would be safe from children and their big feet. They would wait there until the little girl came to get them.

My carriage finally stopped moving and I woke up. I started crying because my feet were very cold. Mommy saw that I had no socks and wondered where they had gone. She started to get upset and began pushing me wildly around the mall looking for my socks in all the stores where she had shopped.

We were like racecar drivers weaving in and out of the stores and shoppers. I loved speeding around like a racecar. and I yelled,”Wee!” the whole time my carriage was moving! Mommy was starting to slow down and she was finally so tired that she sat down on a bench next to an old man. He had taken his shoes off and was snoring softly. Wow, he takes naps just like me! I was looking down at the man’s shoes and said, “Mommy, Mommy, socks, socks, socks!” There were MY socks rolled up together in a little ball in one of the old man’s shoes. My mommy smiled and very quietly removed my socks from the old man’s’ shoes and put them back on my feet. Then she took my shoes out of her bag and put them on me too. I looked at mommy and I smiled. It was nice to have warm toes.

Mommy was not smiling in the car on the way home, so I decided not to play the drop the shoe and sock game with mommy when we go shopping anymore. But it was fun running around the mall like a racecar! Mommy didn’t think it was so much fun, but Daddy thought it was very funny when Mommy told him the story. Then she gave him one of her Mommy-Looks!

Was I dreaming about my socks running away? Did my socks really have an adventure? I think they did. What do you think?

The End

Copyright,Gina Cirincione 5/5/11

The author lives in New York, USA.

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