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Parasol parade!

Parasol parade!

Parasol parade!
Choices, choices...
Monsters, be gone!
Parasol parade!

My name is Rosemarie Gillen, I am a freelance professional children's illustrator.

I believe there are several things that create a good children's book illustration: good use of color, design, layout, and of course great characters.

My Style:
My style is colorful, happy and child-friendly, displaying the sweet innocence and simplicity of childhood.

Work Ethic:
I believe in good communication with my clients, through weekly emails you will be kept informed of the process being made.

I begin the book process by creating the layout and design, which consists of the overall look and feel of your book and scene development along with text placement. Each page is sent to the you the author for approval before moving on to the next page. This process continues until the illustrations are completed.

Upon hiring, I will send a contract that is for our mutual benefit, which includes details of the project and deadline.

I offer a choice of payment plans. I break the fee down into easy to manage monthly payments.

I enjoy working with self-publishing authors, and I would like to bring your manuscript to life through illustration. Let's work together to create a great book that kids will want to read over and over again. Thank you for your time and consideration.

For more samples, estimates, or questions please E-mail

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Oct 10, 2017
A Pinch of Christmas Magic
by: Martine Heureux

I can't be more thankful to Rosemarie Gillen who made a wonderful illustration of my first book 'A Pinch of Christmas Magic". She understood perfectly how I was feeling the story, and it shows in her illustrations. Colors, characters, everything is reflecting the warmth of this story which celebrates the Magic Ambiance of Christmas. Thank you Rosemarie for this beautiful job!

Martine Heureux

Dec 10, 2015
Mollie Tamale
by: Peggy Silverman

When I saw Rosemarie's bright and whimsical pictures I knew she could bring Mollie to life. She helped me to think outside the box and for that I am grateful. She made my first book more than I could ever have expected. She guided me through the process and communicated frequently delivering the finished product just like she said she would. I applaud her professionalism and willingness provide flexible options to bring my book to print.

Oct 01, 2015
Pigeons or Peacocks?
by: Deborah F. Miller

Rosemarie, was more than my illustrator. She became my partner and coach; always pushing me forward with her timeliness in delivering her beautiful art. She brought my characters and text alive! Her flexibility and willingness to please is genuine. She truly knows her craft and exceeded my expectations!
Deborah F. Miller, M.Ed.
English Teacher /Author-Pigeons or Peacocks?

Sep 25, 2015
by: Monique C.

Thank you Rosemarie for helping me bring my book to life with your illustrations. I love the finished product. My book is so AMAZING!

Sep 24, 2015
by: Patricia Benages

Rosemarie did a wonderful job for me illustrating my book, Dream Dress for a Princess. She was put in the unfortunate position of replacing an illustrator in the middle of the project. She not only managed to keep the illustrations in the style the original illustrator used (very important to make sure the characters look the same at the end of the book as the beginning), but she also added details, finishing touches, and borders to the previous work. She is very easy to work with and personable. This is not even addressing the reasonable prices she charges. I definitely plan to hire her again.

Sep 22, 2015
I love your work
by: Michelle Ansani

Thank you for all of your support through this process and for beautifully illustrating my book. You brought 'Why Doesn't Pizza Grow On Trees' to life and you made me feel so comfortable along the way.

This was all new to me and I was stalled to say the least. Not only did you bring life to my story, you helped in so many other ways in a field that I am completely inexperienced in.

You're a true professional, amazingly talented and I hope to work with you again in the future!

Mar 11, 2013
Wonderful illustrations, Rosemarie
by: Josie Whitehead

Rosemarie, your illustrations are fantastic.

I'm a children's poet who has written more than 1000 poems. I'd be in heaven to see your illustrations with my poems. Google JOSIE'S POEMS and you'll see some of my work. I hope you like it.

Mar 23, 2008
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Rosemarie Gillen brought the story I've had in my mind to life. Her professional yet open manner gave me confidence that my book was in the right hands, and, when I received it, I knew I had been correct. She took into account my preferences and added her knowledge and experience to create illustrations that helped unfold the story in just the right way.

Children and adults have raved about the illustrations. I highly recommend her and look forward to future partnerships myself.

M. Lancaster

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