Rosalyne Bowmile
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Rosalyne Bowmile
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Rosalyne is a creative children’s writer, specializing in both book and magazine. Her online blog, Novels for Kids, is targeted to parents and educators, offering tips and suggestions to help encourage kids to read.

Rosalyne has a degree in Sociology. After graduation, she began working in retail sales, soon after moving into managerial positions. Several years later she ventured afield in an entirely different direction. Rosalyne became a director of a daycare for school-age children between the ages of 6-10. She found this very rewarding and a way to express herself as a budding artist.

Rosalyne had always dabbled in art, but her passion grew during her time with the children. Taking the plunge she turned her passion into a full-time business, painting and participating in art shows in and around Toronto Canada.

Her artwork has been showcased in the Art Gallery of Ontario’s gift shop and some of Toronto’s finer boutiques. Rosalyne has received media attention from CTV’s Eye on Toronto and the Toronto Star Newspaper.

“Bowmile is a bundle of energy, and her style reflects this. A lot of people are painting (flower pots and furniture), but not a lot of people are doing it well," says April Solman, design buyer for the Art Gallery of Ontario gift shop. Rosalyne’s collection is top quality. During the gallery’s Trier Troy exhibit, Bowmile’s wares were showcased along with crafts of a select few other artists.

-Brian Dexter/ Toronto Star

Rosalyne’s creative interests shifted toward writing. Packing up her paints and brushes, she returned to school in the fall of 2009. She was one of sixteen accepted into the new ground breaking prestigious post graduate program in Children’s Media, Writing Production and Management at Centennial College. After graduation, she has continued her studies, pursuing her dreams of becoming a children’s writer.

Her greatest passion since childhood has been books, from the classic Anne of Green Gables to the most recent teen dystopian novel. Nothing gives Rosalyne greater pleasure than being able to share them with others.

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