Return to Finkleton

by KC Hilton

KC Hilton's Return to Finkleton

Book review by Ramona Davis

Ages 9-12

For three special children and a town filled with magic, time knows no bounds

For Jack, Lizzy, and Robert, the Magic of Finkleton began with the secrets inside Uncle Harry's shop that they vowed to keep safe. Now as we Return to Finkleton, they are a little older, a lot wiser, and more than ready to take on the greedy outsiders who will stop at nothing to bring conflict into the magical little town.

In this sequel to the Magic of Finkleton, the Finkle children find new secrets in Uncle Harry's store. In a cleaning spree, Lizzy finds a trap door in the floor that opens to a hidden library. Here, she and Jack (and later Robert) find a book that can reveal secrets simply by asking it questions, levers that control lightning and snow, and a book about faeries (one of which lives in hiding in the shop until you speak its name).

With all the new secrets, things are bound to go wrong, and do. When an inquisitive Robert accidentally hits the lightning lever, Miss Caroline's house goes up in flames, and that prompts Mr. Lowsley to inquire about purchasing her land. It also puts him on the trail to the secrets in Finkleton when Robert proclaims that there is a problem with the hourglasses that he needs help with.

Never fear, though, the children have two things on their side they never dreamed of: an agreement between Miss Caroline and Mr. Lowsley, and time. Of course, they also have to remember to work together to preserve the secrets Uncle Harry entrusted to them, and to create a stronger front against those who would try err on the side of selfishness.

While I loved the opportunity to review Return to Finkleton, and love the writing and imagination of K. C. Hilton, I was not as impressed with this book as I was the original book in the Finkleton series. For me, there was too much jumping around from subject to subject to keep up with the goings on and it made it quite problematic at times to follow the story.

What did appeal to me about Return to Finkleton was the way the characters were able to travel through time and share cryptic bits of information.

It seemed however, that the background characters who time traveled showed up at times that were both confusing and inopportune, creating instances where my mind was drawn away from the story and more to trying to figure out what was going on.

I was also very disappointed by how the story ended, though a preview of the next book in the series was included (which reads as a great start of things to come in Finkleton!).

As a book for ages 9-12, Return to Finkleton maintained the magic and delight of the first book in the series, Magic of Finkleton. K. C. Hilton proved yet again what an ingenious imagination she has, maintaining a town full of wonder and surprise, and of course magic, at every page turn.

I am glad that Miss Hilton continued the much loved saga of the Finkle children. However, I think that children with short attention spans or concentration issues will find Return hard to follow because of the back and forth motion of the storyline.

Despite my disappointment in Return to Finkleton, I await the release of the third book in the series, and look forward to once again embracing the wonder that is K. C. Hilton through her lovable yet quirky characters, and the magic and secrets of the town of Finkleton.  

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