Ready for EBM?

by Genevrier

Question to a published editor wants to take my manuscript to an EBM. We're on draft number 2. She wants a few more changes. I want to follow my gut and keep as is. What to do?

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Espresso Book Machine?
by: Steve (webmaster)

Genevrier, please excuse my ignorance. For the acronym you use, the only phrase I'm finding on Google is Espresso Book Machine. Yet when I consider your question in that context, I don't understand it.

Can you clarify?

I Want an Espresso Book Machine
by: Genevrier

Hi there,

I could use an espresso book machine right now! A machine that makes coffee and books! Amazing!

The EBM that I was referring to is an Editorial Board Meeting - where the publisher decides whether to pick up your book or not. I made it through the slush pile!!!

I made some changes to my manuscript as per the editor's request, however there are a few items requested for change that do not sit right with me. Do I have a choice to say thanks but no thanks I would like to leave the rest as is?

EBM = Editorial Board Meeting!
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

I've never published a book, but I've had a close call or two, and I spent a lot of time writing for Hollywood. So here's what I would say--if what you want most is to be published....

Aim to please. This editor can work with any other author (s)he pleases!

If (s)he wants changes that you don't want, that means (s)he sees the book differently than you do. (s)he wants the book (s)he sees, not the one you do! Or...

It's possible that (s)he has communicated unclearly and so you don't really understand the nature of the changes (s)he wants. Dig deep! Ask how the changes you DID make DIDN'T do the trick.

You understand your intentions better than (s)he does, but (s)he knows what she wants better than you do. For your best chance at getting published, try to close that gap!

Thank you
by: Genevrier

Thank you! I'm working on those revisions right now to bring she and I in better alignment. Fingers crossed they pick the book up!

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