Ranger Rick:
Big Focus on Animals

Ranger Rick has been around awhile...

...but he's still a winner.

This children's magazine comes from the National Wildlife Federation. It's a magazine for readers, kids who have grown out of NWF's terrific Your Big Backyard.

No ads. Lots of pictures. Highly readable and informative text. A big focus on animals. Puzzles, games, projects.

I just read a bunch of reviews at Amazon, and it's quite clear that Rick is a gift that's being passed on from generation to generation.

Parents who loved this magazine as kids are buying it for their children.

Now, while this is a whole-hearted recommendation, it should be noted that there are other children's nature magazines out there.

(In particular, if your child is a terrific reader and likes to go truly in depth on a subject, it could be that Kids Discover would be a better buy.)

To my mind, instilling a regular reading habit is the most important thing, and nothing does that better than a children's magazine that shows up like a new gift in the mailbox every month. Ranger Rick Magazine does that job admirably.

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