Raised in Art Museums

by Penelope Colt
(West Tennessee, USA)

Mule in the Well poem illustration

Mule in the Well poem illustration

RESUME: I was raised in art museums, was surrounded by Rembrandt and Picasso, as well as ancient Chinese and Egyptian art. (I especially love the styles of Thomas Hart Benson and Andrew Wyeth - American Art).

As an artist, my heart told me to travel and have adventure, as an artist should, to develop my palette.

I've designed letterheads and coloring books, illustrated poetry, sold extensively through flea markets (in Nashville for 3 years) and craft shows.

I've been commissioned to paint two 60' privacy screens, served ten years at General Motors becoming a journeyman tool and die maker (which allowed me to study drafting and geometry extensively), and built my own log cabin from scratch (pulled the logs out of the woods with a draft horse, sawed the boards in the field with a portable band saw mill, stacked and nailed the logs, then put a roof on it, finally)

The list goes on... I am a professional horsewoman, had at least six years of college experience, have lived more places than the average American, and, am proud to say, have been teaching Bible to adults on Wednesday nights for the last year and a half.

There's more, but that's for later. Thank you for your curiosity, and I look forward to doing business with you.

- P.Colt

Pen and Ink line drawings, b&w or w/ color

- $100 for the inspiration - after 5 hours of drawing add $20 per hour until the picture is completed.

Then we need to discuss royalties ;)

I'm happy to do sample sketches.

I work at home, with a good computer and printer. There should be no reason for us not to communicate extensively. That is how I would like it. I need to know that you are happy with my work.

Contact Penelope.

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