Kayla and the Rainy Day Fun Box
by Steven Johnson

Kayla was bored. Her mother was finishing chores while Kayla waited in her room.

When her mother was finished, she had promised Kayla they would play games and watch a movie; but her mother was taking forever. So, Kayla decided to read a book.

She found one about a boy and a girl who loved jumping on their trampoline. Kayla wished she had a trampoline; she loved to jump. Then she had a thought. She climbed up on her bed and started to jump. Higher and higher she jumped until she fell off the bed with a big BUMP! Her mother came running into the room.

Kayla stared sadly out the window. She could not believe it was raining on today of all days. She and her mother were supposed to go to the park, but now they would have to stay home. Kayla climbed down from the window and started towards her room.

“Where are you going?” her mother asked.

“Back to my room; It’s not like we can go to the park, it’s raining outside” Kayla said shaking her head.

“Wait just a second” her mom said walking over to the closet. “I’ve been saving this for a day just like today.” She reached high into the closet and pulled down a big box that had the words “RAINY DAY FUN” written on the side.

“What’s that?” Kayla asked.

“This is what we are going to do today. This box is filled with fun and games we can play inside” her mom answered.

“Like what?” Kayla asked as she curiously peered into the big box.

“Well” said her mom “the first thing we are going to do is polish our toes and nails.”

Kayla loved to use makeup and polish. She could never touch her mother‘s without permission, so she was really excited.

“Oh goody” Kayla said jumping up and down. “I love polish. I’ll take orange, purple and green; my favorite colors.”

“I knew you’d say that; that’s why I have some very special polish for you” her mother said as she began pulling the bottles from the box. “Here we go; let’s get started.”

Kayla looked at the array of bottles and bowls, but she did not see the colors she asked for. She was about to ask, when her mother poured some yellow polish into a bowl, followed by the blue. Kayla could not believe her eyes as her mother slowly stirred the polish; it turned purple!

“Wow!” said Kayla, “can you make green and orange too?”

“Of course” said her mom. “Watch.”

Once again her mom poured yellow polish into the bowl. This time she added red polish. As she stirred them together the polish turned orange. When she added blue polish to the yellow, it turned green. Kayla squealed with delight as her mom finished making her polish. Once the colors were finished, her mom added some glitter for a special touch. They spent most of the morning painting each other’s toes and nails with Kayla’s special polish.

When they were done Kayla asked what else was in the box to play with. Her mother looked deep in the box and came out with some construction paper and scissors.

“We’re going to make snowflakes” her mother said.
“Snowflakes?” Kayla asked, “It’s not even cold outside.”

Her mother laughed. “It doesn’t need to be cold to make these snowflakes. Let me show you.”

Her mother took a piece of construction paper and cut out a huge circle. She carefully folded it in half, then in half again. Kayla carefully followed her mother’s instructions. When they had folded their paper as small as possible, they began to cut designs into the paper. When they finished cutting the designs, they slowly unfolded their paper. Kayla could not believe her eyes. There were huge snowflakes filled with color and designs.

“How did you learn to do this stuff mom?” Kayla asked

“From my mom”, she said. When your aunts and I were young, our family didn’t have money to do a lot of things. Your Grammy was the best at finding things like this for us to do to pass the time. I always said that I would do the same for my kids when the time came. I have been waiting a long time for this day. I hope you enjoyed all of our projects.”

“I sure did”, said Kayla. “Is this everything in the box?”

Her mom laughed, “Goodness, no. There are hundreds of things in this box and the next time our plans get rained out, we will pull it out and find more great things to do. Who knows, maybe one day when you have a daughter of your own, you can make a Rainy Day Fun box for her.”

“I’d like that; would you help me?” Kayla asked

“Of course; Grammy helped me make this one for you” her mother said.

“Wow” Kayla said beaming brightly “I can hardly wait.”

“Me either” said her mom as she began putting the box back into the closet.

Later that night as she drifted off to sleep, Kayla’s mind was filled with visions of magical, glittery nail polish and giant, bright snowflakes. She had so much fun she almost forgot they were supposed to go to the park. Even though she liked playing on the slides and swinging high on the swings she couldn’t help but wonder what other great ideas were waiting for her in the RAINY DAY FUN box.

The End

©Steven LaFrance Johnson, 2015

The author lives in Alabama, USA.

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