The Rainwalker
by Amanda Nicholas

pink ballet slippers raindrop

Oh the rain! How Sara hated the rain. She could not go outside and play on her swing. Or walk down the road to meet her friends for a game of four square. Her mother kept her locked in the house always repeating to her, “You’ll catch a cold if you play in the rain.”

But its summer she would complain. “Even though the rain is falling it’s still hot!” It never worked though her Mother wouldn’t budge.

She stomped upstairs to her room and plopped down on a pillow in front of her window. She put her arms up on the window sill and sighed. She was bored. Her room was full of things to do like a T.V., a DVD player, books, and toys. But it wasn’t full of things she wanted to do.

So she sat at the window and did everything she could think of to make the rain go away. First she opened the window so the rain could hear her. She wished it away but that didn’t work. She asked it to go away but that didn’t work. She even got mad, stood up and screamed at the rain to go away but that didn’t work either.

“Well if you’re going to be here and ruin my day you could at least find something fun for me to do!” But again she got no answer.

So she sat back down on her pillow and put her hands and head back on the window sill. Fine she thought, I will start planning the fun I will have when the rain is gone. I will go swimming, and ride my bike, and play with my friends. She was concentrating so hard on her ideas that she didn’t notice when she began to feel sleepy. Soon she had completely fallen asleep with her head on the window sill.

The next thing she knew someone was tapping on her shoulder and whispering to her.

“Hey, wake up. Wake up!” came a voice from beside her.

When she opened her eyes she saw a boy dripping wet from the rain sitting on the window sill beside her. She was so startled by him that she fell over backwards.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“My name is Alex Rainwalker. Will you play with me? It’s raining and no one ever comes out to play in the rain.”

“I’m not allowed out to play in the rain. My mother said no. How did you get in here?” she asked still backing up.

“Oh, I just walked over.” He smiled.

Sara was still a little confused. How could he just walk over? Her mother would have seen him. Her mother would have called for her to come downstairs not let him come up here dripping wet. It would have stained her carpet.

“How did you walk over here? Did my Mom let you in?” she asked.

“No silly I walked over on the rain.” He said as he climbed all the way in the window.

“On the rain? You walked on the rain.”

“Yes” he replied, “I’m a rainwalker. My name is Alex Rainwalker. Are you sure you can’t come out and play? I’m really bored today.”

“No I told you my Mother said I’m not allowed to play in the rain. But I know how you feel I’m bored too.”

“What if I could make it so she would never know? Would you come out and play with me then? We could have so much fun!” He said as he danced around her room. “We will run and dance on the rain and play hide and seek in the clouds. That’s my favorite game.”

She could imagine the things he was describing in her head. It sounded wonderful and magical. But she could not walk on the rain!

“How can I do these things? I can not walk on the rain!” she asked.

Alex smiled and reached into his pocket. He pulled out an amazing blue and white feather that was attached to a leather bracelet. “You will wear this. It will make you light enough to walk on the rain drops.” Sara took the bracelet from him and put it on her wrist. If it was magical she certainly didn’t feel any different.

“Now what?” she asked.

“Now we go out the window and your mother will never know you’re gone.” He jumped back up on the window sill and reached for her hand.

She walked over to the window but wasn’t sure about jumping out of it. It was a long way down. She looked down at the bracelet and to her it just seemed like a regular feather.

Alex could see that she was having second thoughts. “Let me show you how easy it is.” He said as he jumped from the window. Sara quickly looked out sure to see him lying on the ground but instead he was walking and prancing around on the rain. He was singing to her as he was doing it and it made her laugh.

“Sara can’t you see, how easy it can be! Come out and play with me!” Giggling Sara climbed onto the window sill trying not to look down. It did look very easy. He was hopping back and forth laughing and dancing waiting on her to join him.

Sara took a deep breathe and began to sing with him. Then with all her might she jumped out the window. To her surprise she could walk on the rain! She had to keep moving of course, but the drops were easy to see and she could walk across them.

Together they ran and laughed together across the sky. It was fun! More fun than she could have ever imagined in the rain. How could she have ever hated the rain?

They played tag with each other and figured out how to play hopscotch on the rain drops. It was hard considering they were always changing but it didn’t seem to matter. Then they decided to play Alex’s favorite game, hide and seek in the clouds!

The clouds felt funny to Sara. Like how the bathroom feels after you’ve taken a shower. They must have played for hours but to Sara it only felt like minutes so was having so much fun. It wasn’t until Alex stopped smiling that she realized something was different.

“I must take you home now.” He said with a sigh.

“Why? We are having so much fun!”

“The sky is clearing and the rain is slowing. Soon it will stop and I must go home.” Alex said as he took her hand and began to lead the way back to Sara’s window.

Sara didn’t say anything, she could see that he was sad. She followed behind him wishing the rain would stay a little longer but the sun was beginning to shine through the clouds. She knew the fun had come to an end.

When they got to the window Alex helped her in and he sat down on the sill. “I must go now.” he said.

“When will you come back? When can we play again?” Sara said.

“Look for me when it rains. I will come back to play again.” And with that he was gone.

Sara quickly looked out the window but he was gone. She saw no sign of him anywhere. Then she noticed that it wasn’t raining anymore. Her new friend was gone. She sat back down on the pillow in front of the pillow wished for the rain to come back. But again that didn’t work. Her day had been wonderful and tiring and within seconds she was back asleep.

A few moments later Sara was being shook by her Mother.

“Wake up Sara! You’ve missed the whole day.”

Sara jumped up quickly. “Oh Mom you’ll never believe what happened. A boy named Alex came to my window and he could walk on the rain. We went out and played hide and seek in the clouds!”

Her mother just laughed “Oh my dear, you must have had a dream, and a good one from what it seems. By the way it’s stopped raining, you can go outside now.” Then her mother gave her a quick hug and walked out her door.

“But it wasn’t a dream!” Sara shouted following her.

Was it? Did she really dream it all? The little boy in the window. Alex Rainwalker. Could she have really walked on the rain? It did seem a little weird. Maybe it was a dream she thought as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. But as she did something tickled her nose.

It was the feather from the bracelet! It wasn’t a dream! Alex was real. She did walk on the rain. She rushed back upstairs to the window. The sun was shinning brightly through and the sky was clear, not a rain cloud in sight. But Sara knew that when she did see one coming her way, she would no longer wish away. She would wait by the window for Alex. She would wait for the Rainwalker.

The End

Copyright Amanda Nicholas, 2009

Amanda lives in Texas, USA.

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