Dr. Seuss's Question Book
Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?

by Dr. Seuss (writing as Theo. LeSieg)
illustrated by Roy McKie

Dr. Seuss's question book: Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?

Children's book review by Steve Barancik

Ages 3-8

A book of questions to engage young readers

Do you know one of those grown-ups who insists they don't know how to relate to children? "I don't know what to say to them!"


Don't SAY anything to them. Ask questions.

Questions show you have an interest. Questions show you value what they have to say. And by the way?... The answers can be pretty darn interesting. Bill Cosby and Art Linkletter certainly figured that out.

Would you rather be a Bullfrog...
...or be a Butterfly?
Which one would you rather be?
Come on, now. Tell me why.

This rhyming question book is nothing less than the cure for awkward silences between grown-ups and young children.

Would you rather live in Igloos...
would you rather live in Tents?


Would you rather be a Dollar Bill...
...or Ninety-seven Cents?

Look at all those wonderful ellipses! (...) That's Dr. Seuss working with your awkward adult who doesn't know what to say to kids. That's Dr. Seuss saying, "Dummy, ask a question and then try listening."

This is not a book you'll want to race through or pull out when you're trying to get the kids to sleep as quickly as possible. It's a book you'll want to linger over. (After all, what's worse than being asked a question and having the asker not wait for the answer?)

Dr. Seuss's question book is essentially a guarantee that you can plop a clueless grown-up and an uncomfortable kid on a couch and turn them into good friends! Have a relative your kids can't relate to? A friend dreading a visit from nieces and nephews? Not only will Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog? be a lifesaver, it might actually teach that silly adult the secret to relating to kids.

from Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?

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