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A pouty child is an unappreciative child

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Guess what? Appreciation doesn't come naturally. It has to be taught...and learned.

Learning Appreciation

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A girl pouting over what she doesn't have or a boy jealous of another child who appears to have more is an unsatisfied child. A child who feels appreciation is satisfied.

Here's the thing though: babies only know when their needs aren't being met. A young child has to learn the difference between needs and wants, and also that Mom and Dad aren't responsible for meeting every want.

wants other boy's drum

Do you have a pouty girl or boy, bordering on bratty - a child more likely to feel unappreciative than appreciative?

My children's book about pouty behavior, How Bobo Learned to be Satisfied, is a form of bibliotherapy. Bibliotherapy is the use of children's books to address problem behaviors.

It's an important story, one that might help any child see him/herself as others do. But I've done something else to make sure that Bobo's message really hits home...

Illustrations are important!

The goal with a behavior book is to get your child to interact with it repeatedly. That way the book's lessons are reinforced. That's why we offer two PDF versions of Bobo...

dad buying boy a cap

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