How Bobo Learned
to Be Satisifed!

Once there was a boy named Bobo, and Bobo had very good eyes. Bobo's eyes always noticed what Bobo didn't have.

The Coloring Book version

If Bobo was eating ice cream, he could spot the kid who was eating ice cream with sprinkles. If Bobo got a new toy at the store, his eyes would find the kid who got two new toys.

"I want sprinkles," Bobo would say. "I want two new toys." If he didn't get what he wanted, he would get very sad and start crying. If crying didn't work, he would get very angry and throw a tantrum.

Sometimes he got what he wanted--what the other kid had. Sometimes he didn't. "It's not fair," he would say. And you know what? He really didn't believe it was fair. There was always some kid getting more than Bobo was.

Now when Bobo's parents wouldn't get him the thing he wanted--the thing the other kid had--they always had an excuse. "It's too close to dinner," they would say, or "I didn't bring enough money with me."

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One time, when Bobo was with his mom, she said, "I want you to use your very good eyes to see the children who don't have what you have." Bobo was sucking on a lollipop. His mom said, "See that boy who doesn't have a lollipop?"

Bobo looked, and yes, there was a boy who didn't have a lollipop. But right behind him was a girl who was blowing a bubble. "I want bubble gum!" begged Bobo.

His mom just sighed. "Really," said Bobo. "My lollipop's almost gone."

His mom ignored him. "No fair," whined Bobo.

That night Bobo went to bed unhappy, as usual, thinking of all the things he didn't get that other kids did get. His parents kept saying, "Notice what other people don't have," but that was silly. You can't see things that aren't there. Things that aren't there are invisible.

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