Raised in Art Museums

by Penelope Colt
(West Tennessee, USA)

Mule in the Well poem illustration

Mule in the Well poem illustration

RESUME: I was raised in art museums, was surrounded by Rembrandt and Picasso, as well as ancient Chinese and Egyptian art. (I especially love the styles of Thomas Hart Benson and Andrew Wyeth - American Art).

As an artist, my heart told me to travel and have adventure, as an artist should, to develop my palette.

I've designed letterheads and coloring books, illustrated poetry, sold extensively through flea markets (in Nashville for 3 years) and craft shows.

I've been commissioned to paint two 60' privacy screens, served ten years at General Motors becoming a journeyman tool and die maker (which allowed me to study drafting and geometry extensively), and built my own log cabin from scratch (pulled the logs out of the woods with a draft horse, sawed the boards in the field with a portable band saw mill, stacked and nailed the logs, then put a roof on it, finally)

The list goes on... I am a professional horsewoman, had at least six years of college experience, have lived more places than the average American, and, am proud to say, have been teaching Bible to adults on Wednesday nights for the last year and a half.

There's more, but that's for later. Thank you for your curiosity, and I look forward to doing business with you.

- P.Colt

Pen and Ink line drawings, b&w or w/ color

- $100 for the inspiration - after 5 hours of drawing add $20 per hour until the picture is completed.

Then we need to discuss royalties ;)

I'm happy to do sample sketches.

I work at home, with a good computer and printer. There should be no reason for us not to communicate extensively. That is how I would like it. I need to know that you are happy with my work.

Contact Penelope.

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Ooh, pick me! pick me!

by Mary Bradshaw

just a doodle of an attractive young woman

just a doodle of an attractive young woman

just a doodle of an attractive young woman

I have a Bachelor of Arts from St. Joseph's College. I do mostly pencil, pen and ink, but I love transparent watercolor and acrylic as well.

I am comfortable with most mediums, excluding only oils. However, if it were required for the job, I do have a base knowledge of it and am a quick learner!

I have sold a few original watercolors and have done some greeting card work. I love the idea of having someone's imagination come to life visually.

I enjoy seeing something extraordinary happen when words and pictures combine to paint a story.

As far as compensation is concerned, I am willing to negotiate, as I believe each project is different. I have no problem doing sample sketches. I prefer to be contacted by email. I can be reached at marybradshaw12@gmail.com

Please, serious inquiries only!! Thank you.

Mary Bradshaw

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Coloring Book Fun

by Patrick Meadows
(Beckley WV USA)

Pocahontas County Coloring Book 1 Interior

Pocahontas County Coloring Book 1 Interior

Pocahontas County Coloring Book 1 Interior
Pocahontas County Coloring Book 1 Interior
Pocahontas County Coloring Book 2 Interior
Pocahontas County Coloring Book 2 Cover

I can work in a lot of styles and media and love to do line work. The samples here show a super clean style and a bouncier line style. There are also some samples of digital coloring. Thanks for looking!

Contact Patrick.

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Punkscrapper's Pen and Ink

by Julie Goodrow

The Elephant in My Living Room

The Elephant in My Living Room

My work is often whimsical, usually funky, sometimes abstract, almost always cutesy, always bright, and now and then it can be a tiny bit dark but hopefully always interesting!

I tend to use black ink for sketching out and finishing completed artwork and then almost always add color via either inks or pencils or art pens. I like color and try to use it as often as possible!

I like drawing animals...I often look to our four kitties as inspiration. I like drawing clothing on furry critters...because it's funny. I like studying fashion as inspiration for line and color usage in my art. I usually hit a dark streak and draw a few grisly images around each Halloween :)

I'm up for a challenge and love doing custom orders. I often do personalized skeleton couple or family portraits! Anything with a bit of a funky take makes me eager to pick up my pens!

I may be reached at golfclap@yahoo.com

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Sep 10, 2011
caffeine & candy
by: Faith

Julie did the cutest original prints for my daughter a couple of years ago. Since my daughter is a soda & candy freak, we commissioned Julie to do two prints for her birthday. They turned out VERY CUTE - bright, vibrant, bubbly, & perky in both drawings & colors. The prints express my daughter's personality beautifully!

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Children's Book Sketches

by Lisa Langere

dog bath

dog bath

dog bath
boy on monkey bars
children and tree

Most of my illustrations are done in pencil or ink. I also color my illustrations.

At age 12 I was producing children's book drawings. I had many one woman shows and appeared in the newspaper numerous times. I even had my own copyright.

I attended the Florida School Of The Arts with a major in fine art and scenic design.

I use many mediums but not oils.

I have an extensive background as a lead scenic artist in charge of graphic arts at a large set construction studio.

Lately I have been doing murals and faux finishes in private homes and businesses. But, my love is children's book illustration.

I am willing to send you samples of my work at your request. My fees are flexible and depend on the amount of work and how many drawings are required.

You can contact me at lisa@moonfiremountain.com

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Imagine it like this...

by Christina

Charlie - line work only

Charlie - line work only

Charlie - line work only
Water Lotus

I am a free-lance, self-taught artist, who has raised 5 children on 3 continents. I have received informal private instruction from other more experienced artists. I am continually seeking to expand my abilities and styles in order to be more versatile and fun.

My work is somewhat international. I learned British canal ware, a traditional folk art while living in the UK. I then did a series of botanical pen & ink with wash. A series of Botanical acrylic print/paintings. Both sold in Canada and the US. In addition to pen & ink, pencil, graphite and pastel I have done works of animals for fine art shows and sales. I have done several story boards for Bible stories, and created hundreds of line drawings for children's coloring sheets and crafts. Using both Thai and English languages.

My strongest works are line. I have a love for anything botanical, and animals detailed or stylized. Much of my work is pen and ink, with or without color and pastels. Pencil, acrylic and watercolor are close follow ups depending on the project at hand. My style in illustration is generally open and clean, keeping the subject the main focus, using strong color, and color harmony to draw the viewer into the pictures and flow throughout the story. My experience in working with young children for over 20 years has taught me they enjoy bold color and easily recognizable figures. I generally use a blend of realism and stylizing for illustrations.

I am happy to collaborate with the author about what they imagine the characters and style of the pictures to be. I submit sketches for approval before finalizing. Pictures make what others imagine come alive for us.

I am admittedly old school in my techniques but can learn a program to send quality pictures to wherever, my sons assist me with the tech side.

Please contact me at Christinadartist@aol.com

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