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Online Writing:
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How you can write about whatever you want Why you don't need to be a writer to create a successful website If you have an unsuccessful website...

How to write for an English-speaking audience...
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Online writing

It's the 21st century. Have you written a website yet?

Are you a writer? Yes (Keep reading) No (Go here)

Okay, you're a writer, but let's do the math. These days, most people do most of their reading online.

Do you have a question about creating a website?
Page down.
(You ask, I answer!)
What others have asked

So where should you be doing most of your writing?

Are you like me?

For years I had this sneaking suspicion that the world of writing was passing me by. I was working as a screenwriter, but it was getting less lucrative. (Read my bio.) I knew I wanted to write prose...

...but wasn't that getting less lucrative too? I kept hearing that unless you were one of the top five authors - or one of the top 100 celebrities - chances were that even if your book did get published...

You weren't going to sell a lot of them. People weren't buying books like they used to. People were online reading.

Shouldn't I be online writing?

But what to write?

I knew people were blogging. Sure, I could blog. I could offer my crazy opinions on any number of subjects.

But blogging seemed kind of like Amateur Hour. Wasn't it basically a diary that you posted online? No structure! I was used to structuring stories and movies, for Pete's sake.

Then it started to dawn on me. A good website is all about structure. Look at all those buttons, each leading to a different part of the website, branching off in varied, well-structured directions.

Online writing was just made for me. (Want proof? Here's my other site.) Was it made for you?

Here's the thing

Everyone knows something about something. That something is the something you could write about.

Read about others who have turned their passion into a website.

Everyone wants to know something about something else. That's something you could write about as you research it.

Take me, for instance. I wanted to learn more about children's books, because I was interested in writing them. Are you more interested in writing for children, or merely in writing?

If you're interested in writing for children, did you know that writing online non-fiction for them makes a lot more sense than writing online fiction? Drop me a line and I'll explain why.

Explore. Ask questions.

Explore this site with an eye to how you might build your own site. Ask questions. (There's a form below for you to ask and me to answer. Your question, and my answer, will be posted on the site.)

Also explore the outfit I used to build this site. If being daunted by "all that computer stuff" has kept you from exploring online writing, then this is the company you want to work with.

See you online!

What do you want to know about online writing?

Don't be shy! Ask a question about creating a website and online writing. I'll post your question and my answer so everyone can learn from it!

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