Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood

by Trent Stephens

Disney's 1952 Robin Hood comic

Disney's 1952 Robin Hood comic

Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood: a book and record combo!

I was given the Disney Robin Hood book and record when I was about four. I wore them out -listening to the record over and over and turning the pages of the book to follow along.

This book was the beginning of my fascination with England and the Middle Ages. I dreamed of being like King Richard and some day visiting a castle.

I now travel all over the world visiting castles.

My mother used to tell me that I was descended from King Richard. I always knew that that was why I was so brave. I think I was in high school when I finally discovered that King Richard had no children. It turns out that I am descended from his brother, the evil King John, oh cruel reality. I still have the book but have long since lost the record.

Trent Stephens is the author of The Castle Builder's Handbook.

Webmaster's note: Alas, the Disney book below (with CD) is different from the out of print version Trent loved. Same idea though!

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Seven with One Blow

by Margy Ohring
(Virginia, USA)

A Little Golden Book: Seven with One Blow.

I was five and recovering from a terrible bout of Chicken Pox. In those days, no one could come back to school until every trace of a pock was gone. My mother believed that sunshine was good for clearing up the pox marks.

I was too small to just sit in the sun, so my mother read to me on the side of a road for days on end. She read a Little Golden Book called Seven with One Blow. It told the story of a tailor, who, plagued with flies, killed seven at once with piece of bread and jam.

So proud was he that he put up a sign outside his shop proclaiming his talent: "Seven with One Blow."

He was challenged by folks far and wide, and his ingenious ways to defeat these challengers made the book a delightful experience. I loved that book dearly for many years, but I always associate it with chicken pox and the grassy side of the road.

Cat-House Sonnets. Visit Margy's page on this site.

Webmaster's note: Folks, this is a very hard story to track down. If you search Amazon for Seven with One Blow, you'll find a 1994 stage adaptation of the story.

I am unable to find the Little Golden Books version Margy's mom read to her. I am able to find a Disney adaptation of the story that was made with Mickey Mouse as the tailor. This version is entitled, Brave Little Tailor, as the tale descends from the Brothers Grimm's "The Valiant Little Tailor."

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"Book of Mormon for Children" series

by Julie W. Buscher
(Brighton, Colorado)

The children's books that made a difference to me when growing up were the series of three "Book of Mormon for Children."

Since I'm a member of the LDS Church, my mother got these books for me when I was about 8 years. old.

Being that Biblical text can be hard to interpret and is practically impossible for a young child to read and understand, these books are written in age-appropriate language for children.

It didn't take me long to read all three, and I wished there were more. Afterward, my mother lent the books to our adult neighbor; this was the first time he understood and enjoyed reading the scriptures contained in the Book of Mormon.

As a note: My mother was my school teacher during my 2nd, 3rd & 4th grades. Although she was a very good teacher and I became a prolific reader by 4th grade, we both agreed 3 years together was a bit much.

Julie Buscher is the author of Homer the Helicopter.

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