Not sure I see how it's such a great deal

by Malik R.
(Atlanta, GA, US)

I've considered writing a website previously, to support my business. (I'm a realtor.) So I've done some research.

You can find free webhosting, but for any number of reasons it's not worth it. You can get decent, professional hosting for about $25/mo. You can leave your host at any time.

Do you see where I'm going here? Site Build It, from what I understand, is $299/yr, which just happens to work out to $25/mo. To top it off, you have to pay it all upfront. So how's this a deal?

Malik, thanks for asking this. Here's what you aren't getting. (Probably because I haven't properly conveyed it!)

SBI is more than webhosting. Way more.

Here's a page you should check out. Scroll down to where it says, "Click here" to compare Site Build It with a couple of major webhosts.

See what you get with SBI. See what you don't with the others.

SiteBuildIt sitesell traffic

Do you like analogies? I like extreme analogies. (And wouldn't Extreme Analogies be a great reality TV show?)

SBI versus traditional you're-on-your-own-buddy webhosting is like the difference between lounging in the pool and being thrown in a shark tank by mobsters with twelve pounds of bloody walrus blubber wrapped around your mouth and nose.

Even if you don't get eaten, you're still going to drown.

The Site Build It/SBI/Sitesell folks give you the tools to overcome the tech and post your website. But beyond that...

They give you all the tools you need to attract traffic.

I mean really. What's the point of building a website if no one finds it?

Here's an example. Copy the word bibliotherapy into a Google search box. Today, when I do it, Google reports 192,000 pages. My site comes in #3. Ahead of Wikipedia.

Ask yourself this: How many of the sites on the other 19,199 pages get clicked to?

I think you know the answer. So the question becomes, "How did Steve become a Page One site?" The answer is that I used the SBI tools. Thinking that you'll become Page One by slapping up a site with a conventional webhost is like expecting to win the lottery.

Good luck!

(If the question you're really wondering is, "What the heck is bibliotherapy?," go here.)

I've used regular webhosts. They hold themselves responsible - barely - for getting you to interface successfully enough with their tech tools to see your pages on the web. Most of them don't even offer you statistics on your traffic. Why?

Because they don't want you to know

They want you to imagine you're getting all sorts of traffic! And if you're not getting any sales? must be because your product (or your sales copy) is no good.

Don't fall for it!

SBI, on the other hand, wants you to be intimately acquainted with your traffic patterns, because they want you always to be improving on them. The screenshot I pasted in above is just the broadest picture.

Not bad, huh?

Okay, I know this answer has gotten a little long. But what it comes down to is that you shouldn't think of Sitesell/Site Build It! as merely a webhost, but instead as an all-in-one web solution. I hope you will!

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