Experienced Illustrator

by Lauren Curtis
(Franklin Park, NJ, USA)

Fun watercolor illustration based on the client's dogs

Fun watercolor illustration based on the client's dogs

Fun watercolor illustration based on the client's dogs
The Friendly Koala: book cover art & design; pen & ink, Photoshop
Children's book illustration based on client's dog; pen & ink, Photoshop
From Rot to Rejoicing: watercolor art for magazine; pen & ink, watercolors

Experienced Children's Book Illustrator

It's an amazing feeling to be able to bring an author's words and ideas to life through illustration, especially when it comes to fun, imaginative children's books!

As a full time freelance artist I've been commissioned to illustrate for a wide variety of children's publications and craft companies, including doing artwork for monthly magazines, books and young adult novels, stickers, rubber stamps and more.

My 30+ year specialty is animal and nature artwork, but I also have extensive experience illustrating other subjects including

• people
• fantasy/sci-fi characters
• architectural images, and
• special holiday illustrations.

As a diverse artist I have two styles I typically work in; one is a more "cartoony", colorful, bold style where I hand draw the line work with pen & ink and paint the image in Photoshop. Second is a softer, more realistic style where fine lines are drawn with pen & ink, and the art is painted by hand with watercolors.

Recently I've also done some projects in a vintage collage style as well, so this gives authors and publishers a few style choices when working with me.

As a professional, I pride myself on keeping in regular communication with my clients via email & phone and always make deadlines. The price per image depends on the size and complexity of each piece, and I'm happy to discuss your project with you to work out a fair fee.

I also break down payments into groups of drawings, with a 30% deposit 1st, so you don't have to lay out a big chunk of money at once. Upon full payment, you will own the rights to the artwork (I just request that I can use it as portfolio samples).

I also have graphic design experience, so I can not only create the artwork for your book cover but can design it as well. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, for more samples of work I have done, or for a complimentary phone/email consult about your project! I can be reached at Lauren Curtis.

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Prolific illustrator

by Laurie Triefeldt
(Trenton, NJ, USA)

October garden calendar

October garden calendar

October garden calendar
Galapagos Albatross illustration
Bears for garden flag
Human eye detail

I am a prolific illustrator with extensive journalism experience.

With more than 20 years working as a newspaper illustrator, I have developed many styles and can usually re-create any style or look that I am shown.

During my journalistic career I have worked for the sports, features, education, science, health, entertainment, news and business sections.

Most of my work is digital, but I love working with pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, acrylics and oils.

My work tends to be realistic, but whimsy is wonderful fun that I would enjoy doing more of.

I work quickly and am a stickler for detail. I work well with authors, editors and art directors.

I am the author, illustrator and designer of three books: World of Wonder, published by Kean University and The Star-Ledger, Plants and Animals, published by Quill Driver Press, People and Places, published by Quill Driver Press.

These books are like mini-encyclopedias and are based on my syndicated newspaper column, "World of Wonder," which has been published in more than 100 newspapers.

Teachers often use this series in their classrooms.

My work is suitable for magazines, children's books, advertising & marketing, as well as corporate portraits and other business material.

Fees are negotiable: Running from $75 - $300 for a color spot illustration to $300 - $2,000 for a full color spread (2 pages).

You can reach me directly at ltriefeldt@triefeldt.com

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Remember Your Childhood

by Evelyn Gresham
(New Jersey)

Cheerleader -

Cheerleader -

I am a children's book author/illustrator. My medium is colored pencil and DrawPlus x3. My art has been described as genuine, simple, and playful. My illustrations bring the reader back to their childhood, where true innocence and fun lives.

I sell my work for children to hang on the wall, and I illustrate children's picture books.

Contact Evelyn Gresham

Bringing Childhood Back To Life, Through Art!

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Pencil and Pen Artist

by Kerianne
(Bergen County, New Jersey, USA)

Assorted Characters

Assorted Characters

The Offbeat of Variety

One negative thing you could say about artists is that we're always looking to improve ourselves and are never quite satisfied with our work at any present time.

However, one thing I will say that I pride myself in is that I'm able to work in multiple mediums to get a more varied feel to my work.

I will admit, I have no experience in this field. But one has to start somewhere, no? I graduated from Penn State University May 2008 with a BA in English. Apart from writing, which I hope will lead to a career as an author, my second passion is art. I took AP level courses in art in high school but was limited to introductory courses in college since I had no art major or minor. Still, I like to think I improved on my skills further in those classes where I was able to experiment with oil painting and pencil.

I am most proficient in pencil and pen, but enjoy painting as well. There's no set word that can be used to describe my drawings. They can be dark or happy, mischievous or conservative, realistic or cartoon. The example I've chosen to show is a good indicator of the various styles in which I can draw a picture, although I realize it's not a complete drawing in of itself. Any drawing by itself, any of my drawings, couldn't show a piece of everything that I can do. Well, almost everything.

Any consideration would be greatly appreciated. If considered, I would be willing to audition sketches of anything shy of technical drawings. I must say, I can't draw cars very well, much less machinery.

Thank you.

Contact Kerianne.

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