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Versatile Designer

by Julie Thurlow

Moon and Stars Owl

Moon and Stars Owl

Moon and Stars Owl
Bird Condos
Leaf Sketch
Painted Turtle

Versatile Designer Wants to Make Your Vision Come To Life


My name is Julie Thurlow, and I am an artist and graphic designer from Massachusetts. I have a BA in fine art and digital media.

My work ranges from simple cartoon illustrations to detailed realistic artwork.

I have taken a break from digital media at this time and create all my illustrations by hand.

I use a variety of media, including pen and ink, pencil, colored pencil, acrylic ink and acrylic paint. I will also use oil paint in certain instances, however this is a slower, more consuming media, and therefore is used less often in my illustrations.

My fees are based on the detail and realism of the work requested. All my prices are very reasonable and definitely negotiable. My prices start at $20 per illustration!

Email me at thurlow.draw@gmail.com for samples of my work and to request a quote and some free proofs!

Remember, the more details I get from you, the better I can make your vision come to life!

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Imaginative Illustrator

by Cheryl Johnson
(Bridgton, Maine USA)

Crabby Patricia

Crabby Patricia

Crabby Patricia
Dave's Big Boys
Tree in Spring

I am an artist who was mostly self taught. I started drawing as a child and have continued all my life. I went to the Maine College of Art and graduated in 2000 with a B.F.A. degree, minoring in Art History.

I have illustrated for other people for over ten years, but recently I started writing and self publishing a series of my own books. I work fast, and I have six completed since last fall of 2013. I have done book covers as well.

I lean to traditional styles, but I dabble in a bit of everything, from primitive to photo-realism. I like a challenge.

At present, my media of choice is digital drawing using the Photoshop program. I was introduced to it two years ago, and I simply love the freedom it offers for an unlimited range of colors and textures, with no waste of paint or other materials.

I am willing to draw several rough sketches for a prospective client who is seriously considering using me as their illustrator. I would also be willing to send any samples of my work via email.

I am fairly flexible in my working habits with other authors, I'm a problem solver by nature, and, as I said before, I like a challenge. I like people in general and feel we all have our own strengths. Working in collaboration with others has never been a problem.

Contact me through my primary email. I check it every day: cerosj@yahoo.com

Thank you for your interest.

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Children's Book Illustrator

by Helen Luzgin
(Western Massachusetts)

6 book covers by Helen

6 book covers by Helen

Hi, everyone. I'm Helen. I am a children's book illustrator who adds lots of color and fun to her books.

I try to update my clients each day with the sketches and work-in-progress images of their book. Don't hesitate to contact me.

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Illustrations with a soul

by Tanya M.
(Belchertown, MA, USA)

Morning tea... pot.

Morning tea... pot.

Morning tea... pot.
Catch me if you can

Soulful illustration

I firmly believe in a "do it by hand" approach to illustration. I have nothing against digital art, except for me it lacks soul, and soul is essential for children's book illustrations.

A great story with great illustrations is a first step in developing a child's imagination and creativity.

I work in watercolor, acrylics, oil, ink, or pencils.

There is no set fee. Everything depends on the project.

You can contact me by email at: illustration.tm@gmail.com

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Book Meets Illustrator

by David J Condry
(Boston, MA)

feel like being creative?

feel like being creative?

My work is busy yet happy. It has an energetic exuberance to it.

What does that mean? Expect bright colors, thoughtful subject matter, and reality exaggerated to different degrees: sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little, but always imaginative.

I enjoy making children's book styled artwork because it gives me a chance to really use my imagination.

Kids LOVE busy, bright, intricate images - especially when you've put a bit more thought into it then the normal Joe.

Young people are always smarter than you think.

I like to make my images meaningful on multiple levels, because kids pick up on these things. Thoughtfulness, depth, and humor make a great picture book.

Side note: I do art classes with elementary school students and I love it! Sometimes their art inspires me more than my own.

As a book illustrator, I've done one full book called "SPF 30: A Young Person's Guide to the Human Body, Cancer, and Skin Cancer Prevention." I've also had work published in a poetry anthology for children.

I love making all types of art for whatever context, but, somehow, illustration stands out... maybe because it's the hardest. I love a challenge!

My compensation depends on the project itself. Different factors come in to play, like how the images will be used, how much they're going to be used, how detailed the work should be, how many images are needed, or what size they need to be. So let's talk! Feel free to e-mail or call me.

Thanks! I look forward to teaming up with you to make some artwork and narrate a story that will enrich the lives of many.

Email David Condry.

Heck, call David Condry!...857-413-1397.

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Oct 29, 2010
Do I know you?
by: Matthew Gauvin

Boy, I sure wish I knew you. Your work is amazing!

Hey bro, just cruising through some artists and came across your posting. At first I saw the name and was like hey, that sounds familiar, LOL. Seriously though, your work at MassArt was phenomenal, and it has only progressed immensely since then. Your SPF book is just fantastic! I need to call you sometime (and all the other folk I keep neglecting to call, haha).


Feb 24, 2009
What lively work!
by: Denis O

This work is full of energy, imagination, and character. Great stuff!

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Adventure - Exploration - Environment - Curiosity

by Tim Oshida
(New England)

The Neighborhood Tree

The Neighborhood Tree

The Neighborhood Tree
The Rocket
Let the Show Begin

Adventure - Exploration - Environment - Curiosity

Hello there! My name is Tim Oshida, and I'm looking to illustrate books, e-books, graphic novels, or covers for young/teen readers.

I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD '11) with Honors in Illustration.

I enjoy creating interesting, colorful scenes that beg for exploration.

I'm drawn to adding certain elements of curiosity and intrigue, often tinkering with the physics of locations to allow the viewer to engage in visual play.

The type of stories I'd love to work on are adventure, mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi stories.

Contact me if you'd like to see more work!

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Illustrations by Amy

by Amy Crosby
(Durham, Maine)

Loons at camp

Loons at camp

Illustrations by Amy

For the past four years, I've found immense pleasure in teaching art to kindergarten through 8th-graders. In the back of my mind, however, I've always wanted to write and illustrate children's books, and I've been practicing ever since I could hold a pencil, crayon, or the mud from my parent's ditch.

I am a working artist as well as a teacher; I do art every day, have written and illustrated one book on my own and plan to do more. I create cards, prints, do photography and love to experiment, mixing all mediums together to create something new.

I'm a certified, highly-qualified K-12 art teacher, with minors in art history and studio art.

My art has been descibed by other people as vibrant and bright. I like to make it as rich and juicy as I can, saturated with color and expression.

Nature is a huge influence, especially that of Maine, which is where I live and the place that I love.

My favorite mediums are acrylic, watercolor, and collage, but I'm willing to use anything if it will give the right effect. Color is strongly tied to my emotions, and it's reflected in my house, my art, my clothing, my dinnerware.

Email is the best way to reach me, and I look forward to meeting new people to share ideas with. I'm probably the easiest person to get along with that you've ever met, so please let me know what I can do for you to make this work for both of us.

Thank you, and I look forward to future endeavors!

Contact me at: amycrosby9@gmail.com

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Jenna - Contract Artist


note: all sketches are copyright and cannot be used or reproduced without my permission

note: all sketches are copyright and cannot be used or reproduced without my permission

Jenna - Contract Artist

I have a unique style which transforms pencil drawings into realistic visions, squiggles into a graphic design, a single object into a full explosion.

My drawings range from modern graphic designs to children's illustrations to nature sketches.

I am also available for unique contract assignments using sand and other three dimensional media to create one of a kind artwork.

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Jan 09, 2010
Contact Me
by: Jenna

To contact me, please email jelmore2006@hotmail.com

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Personal Illustration

by Patti Argoff

The King of Beasts

The King of Beasts

Patti Argoff, Illustrator

My work is deeply personal. It's not what "I do," it's "who I am."

I love animals of all kinds, so it's a real joy when I get to illustrate animals, but working with human subjects can be equally as interesting.

Historical subjects are also something I enjoy working on. I have a particular interest in historical costume; I feel that getting the details down is a forte of mine.

My work is done as watercolors on paper.

Patti received her BFA in Visual Communication from The School of Visual Arts in 1981 and has received awards for her work from How Magazine, the Syracuse Press Club, and the New York State Press Association.

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Mar 19, 2014
relating to 'king of beasts' illustration
by: patti fairchild

I currently am interested in illustrating a children's short story which I wrote with several similar style color drawings,or watercolors paintings. How much would you charge approx. for each finished full page (8.5 x 11 inch) color illustration. Do you have a package deal for half pages or borders. This would involve some drawing of costumes, animals, and people. Approximately 10 to 15 drawings - kind of whimsical. Thank you.

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Illustrative Artist

by Jen Frazer
(Boston, MA)

Drawing a fetus

Drawing a fetus

Illustrative Artist

Art is something I do for fun and do well. I see stories, and I draw them.

I have a bachelor's in studio art, and I have done a handful of group shows. I am familiar with the professional world but don't live there.

Mostly I do art to amuse myself and others, the same way others might keep a journal or diary. But now I am a ministry student in need of some money; with this stray talent lying around, I thought I would cast my net upon the waters to see if I might be able to do something with it.

I am willing to produce a sample illustration for any proposed project. Such things as fees and timelines can be ironed out at that point.

I am most comfortable with pencil (colored and graphite), and marker - art materials I have found more than sufficient for most illustrations I have done so far. But even there I am flexible, depending on the needs of the project as determined between myself and the author.

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Aug 15, 2010
email request
by: Anonymous

I would like to contact Jen Frazer but I did not see an email address on the page.


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Unique Children's Book Illustrator

by Chris Young
(Waterbury Center, VT, USA)

Canyon Escape!

Canyon Escape!


If you are looking for a unique illustrator who will provide you with exciting, memorable, and meaningful images to expand the experience of your writing, then look no further.

I have several years experience with character and concept design for children's toy, game, and show ideas and a lifetime of drawing for my own pleasure.

I will provide preliminary sketches to match your ideas and work in steps from there. I work with Photoshop to complete layout and color of my illustrations. I will provide you with digital copies of the work when completed in a format that you can accept.

You will retain the rights to the art in most cases; all I ask is that I can use the art in a portfolio for self promotion (with credit to your body of work of course). I am flexible as far as payments are concerned, but $175 per one page illustration is an average.

If you like what you have seen and read, please contact me via email.

Thanks for your time!

-Chris Young

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Creative Illustrator Matthew Gauvin

by Jeremy Foster-Fell
(Wolcott, VT)

Book cover for The Caterpillar and the Express Train

Book cover for The Caterpillar and the Express Train

Matthew Gauvin grew up in a house full of art supplies and inspiration.

Now that house lies on a dead end street with no life inside, as a fire killed it ten years ago, but he continues to be inspired by the world around him.

Despite the fire damage, Gauvin still goes back and discovers small remnants of the art supplies he once used as a child in that house. He opens old creaky drawers to discover faded colored paper, scattered glitter, wooden beads, plastic scissors, dried paints and all of his charred artwork from grade school.

As he looks through these items he realizes how much he loved making art and how much he enjoyed showing it off. Although these cheap dusty supplies don’t look like much now, they are what got him started on his love for making art and his eventual career as an illustrator.

Gauvin began to realize his potential as an artist when teachers at school encouraged him, and they showed the artwork to other teachers.

One of his high school art teachers had so much faith in his gifts that he entered Gauvin's work into a few art competitions in an attempt to help him get accepted into art college.

Because of Mr. Golden, Gauvin won various awards and ultimately got accepted into his first choice college.

Before going to college, Gauvin accepted seven awards and prestigious honors. Among these is an award presented by U.S. Senator James M. Jeffords for the “Congressional Art Competition,” first place in the “2002 Federal Junior Duck Stamp and Design Contest,” and first place in the “2001 International Aviation Art Contest.”

Throughout college he won Scholarships for artistic endeavors, first place in the third annual “Art at the National Examiner Contest,” and some awards in local fairs.

After college Gauvin moved back to Vermont and has worked as an accomplished illustrator.

He has illustrated four children’s books, a cd cover, murals, greeting cards, magazine spreads, and various logos.

He continues to win awards in a variety of art competitions all over the U.S. His art won first place in the 2008 “Credit Card Reform: Dangers of Debt Cartoon Contest.” Also in 2008, a pumpkin carving design won second place in the pumpkin masters carving contest,

In 2009 one of his illustrations took second place in the After Sputnik Art Project in New York City. (This painting is displayed in another part of the gallery called “Graduate Pinball.”)

Gauvin’s primary focus for his freelance illustration career is children’s book art. In all of his books he strives to create unique characters with a spark of life and clarity of expression.

With the advice and input of his clients he draws these characters into a world of awe and wonder, where the reader will be enthralled with the action and follow along with delight. He brings the reader along for a ride to interesting perspectives and views, going from the point of view of a butterfly over Miami in one image to the inside of a train's wheel looking up at the passengers on a platform in another.

He is always conscious of the mood, feeling and atmosphere in an image, how it conveys the meaning of the text beyond what words can describe.

He is capable of using various mediums such as watercolor, gauche, pen and ink, graphite, digital and mixed media, but his primary medium is oil paints. With oil paints he achieves luscious bright colors that will tickle the mind of any child.

Whenever an image calls for a strong light source he is able to achieve a vibrant, glowing effect that radiates into the whole scene and dances along forms.

The illustration displayed here is the cover illustration for his recently published book “The Caterpillar and the Express Train.” To view more of Matthew's work or to commission him for your own illustration needs, e-mail matthew.gauvin@gmail.com

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Jan 16, 2011
by: Matthew Gauvin

Thanks, Domonique!

Sep 16, 2010
Good for you!
by: Domonique

Good for you, these are some great accomplishments! I remember when I had received my first Bob Ross painting set with the video tape; somehow, as I was growing up and my parents and I were moving, it got lost or misplaced! I wish I could go back and find my childhood supplies. I wish you the best in your work!

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Wicked Illustrations

by Melanie Therrien
(Auburn, ME)

Fairie Face Off

Fairie Face Off

I have been painting commissions for my clients for over 10 years, including works on canvas, murals, a restaurant awning, and, most recently, 17 illustrations for the first book in a children's series.

The 120 page book entitled, "The Cape Cod Witch and the Pirate's Treasure," is geared toward the young and young at heart. It is a combination picture/chapter book.

I thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of my art career and would love to pick up other illustration commissions.

My price is negotiable, however I do prefer royalties.

I also exhibit original work at galleries, participate in art shows and curate, as well as teach art classes for kids. I continue my education at Central Maine Community College.

Contact me.

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The Pirate Bard

by Abbi Orenstein
(Manchester, NH, USA)

It's a silly ad I created for an obviously fictional company. :)

It's a silly ad I created for an obviously fictional company. :)

It's a silly ad I created for an obviously fictional company. :)
Buy this!
Lions evolved into humanoids
Super Cat Heroes!

I am a storyteller from New Hampshire. I tell stories with my art and my words.

I have a web comic out in the world.

My favorite style is pencil, pen and ink. I will do watercolors, color pencils, markers and, for coloring my comic, I use photoshop.

The very best way to contact me is gmail.


My real name is Abbi Orenstein.

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