Never Give Up On Your Dreams

by Mary Weeks Millard

Mary Weeks Millard's Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Christian children's book review by Jane Finch.

Ages 9-12

Disaster strikes a talented swimmer

This is an inspiring fictional story of Gabrielle who has a wonderful talent for swimming. Discovered at just age six, her family make sacrifices to enable her to stick to a strict regime of training. Her ultimate goal is to compete in the Olympics and win a Gold medal.

Gabrielle’s world is focused on nothing but her swimming. She gives little or no thought to those around her who also work hard so that she can achieve her ambition. Her grandmother, for example, gets up in the early hours of each morning to take Gabrielle to swimming tuition. Everyone dedicates their time and energies to Gabrielle and her swimming.

There is no doubt that she is very good, and the future looks bright. Granny is a Christian and talks to Gabrielle about praying and about the Bible and this is nicely integrated into the main story, holding the reader’s attention and yet being informative at the same time, explaining about getting to know God and what it means to be a Christian.

But then disaster strikes, and Gabrielle’s world comes tumbling down and she blames God. When she can see no future a new direction opens up and she is able to fulfil her dream. As the title rightly suggests, things may change from the plans you have, but never give up on your ultimate dream. Life may not turn out exactly how you expect, but this story shows that our plans may not always be God’s plan.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams is a story of encouragement and has been cleverly written to introduce the subject of Christianity to the younger reader. Gabrielle is a believable character and the reader is able to get inside her mind and understand what drives her to ultimately reach her goal. The story is exciting and believable and has a satisfying conclusion. Children will be willing Gabrielle to succeed and will have no difficulty in relating to the turmoil she feels when her life is turned upside down.

The author, Mary Weeks Millard, is a former African missionary.

Our reviewer was provided with a copy of this book.

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