Native American Art and Illustrations

by Judith
(San Diego, CA)

ThunderBird in Cave

ThunderBird in Cave

ThunderBird in Cave
White Buckskin Woman
Wildcat Kid Kachina

As an artist, several years ago, I became engrossed in Native American myths and legends, mainly Hopi. I've assembled a small but colorful library of facts and stories about several Native American cultures and artists.

My heritage includes Cherokee ancestry.

I paint and sketch with color pencils.

All of my art depictions are original and interpretive.

I was awarded a three year scholarship to attend classes at the prestigious Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston, Mass. During my attendance there, The Massachusetts State College of Art awarded me a three week scholarship as a recruiting tool.

During both scholarships, I was still attending high school as an honor roll student.

I have always been passionate about painting and drawing. When in grammar school, my art was chosen to go on exhibit in Japan and a couple of European countries. The Boston Globe newspaper awarded me the "Golden Key" for a fine art portrait of a high school classmate.

I never had any training in film production, but when I moved to San Diego, CA, I met a few Hollywood personalities and decided that I would insert myself into an independent film production company, located in Carlsbad, CA.

I was hired and worked as Assistant to the Executive Producer. We did two feature films: "Slaughterhouse" and "The Arrival," with John Saxon as the star. It looks great on my resume!

I then got it into my head that I could produce my own little production, and I did. I received the "Telly award" (equivalent to an Emmy for non-broadcast productions) for a children's documentary entitled, "RAD 2000," concerned with guns, gangs, teen pregnancy and drugs, splashed with a smidgen of humor and the help of MTV music videos.

Are you interested in my illustrations? I am posting art executed with color pencils for your perusal and for your information. All fees for my services are negotiable.

I do not have a website. Please feel free to contact me at:

My name is Judith. Good luck with all of your endeavors!

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