The Mystery of the Deserted House

by Mary Weeks Millard

Mary Weeks Millard's The Mystery of the Deserted House

Christian children's book review by Jane Finch.

Ages 9-12

A Christian Mystery

The Mystery of the Deserted House is part of the Faithfinders series published by Day One Publications. This is a romping mystery and adventure that the young reader will love. Spike, Joe and Matt call themselves The Whistlers, and stumble across an old deserted house that seems to have a mysterious past. Their curiosity overwhelms them as they explore the house, gathering clues and speculating as to the history of the house.

Cleverly woven into the story is the fact that Spike goes to Church and has to decide between joining his friends on their adventure, or going to Church, which he enjoys. He also has to endure ridicule from his peers because of his interest in Church, though not from his friends. They are intrigued by his interest in Church and eventually all go to Church camp where they learn more about God and what it means to be a Christian.

But the mystery of the house continues, and the boys’ curiosity eventually leads them into danger. What is the secret that the house holds, and why has it been abandoned? As they gather their clues and eventually solve the mystery, the reader is carried along with the intriguing story. The characters of the boys are believable and likeable, resulting in the reader willing them to succeed in their quest to unravel the mystery. There is a strange code that they need to solve, as well as a strange landrover sitting in the drive, and revealing letters found under a bed. There is even a link to the Congo in Africa and possible treasure.

Who is the old man who lives next door, and what does he know about the history of the house? All is eventually revealed in this exciting story that will enthral the reader to the end.

The author, Mary Weeks Millard, used to work as a missionary in Africa and now loves to write stories for younger readers. She very cleverly integrates questions that children may have about being a Christian, so that they will learn from as well as enjoy this adventure.

The Mystery of the Deserted House.

Our reviewer was provided with a copy of this book.

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