Princess Fanny
and the
Mysterious Smell
by Jennifer Bryant

One day a Princess named Fanny was playing in her garden. She loved to dance through the flower beds, dabbing her wand over all the pretty petals as she went.

Princess Fanny was in the middle of a twirl, when all of the sudden she smelled something yummy! “Ooh! I wonder what smells so good!” she said excitedly.

She followed the delicious scent back through the flower beds to the other side of the garden. Princess Fanny happened upon a large wall. The sweet aroma was floating over from the other side of it!

Being a curious girl, Princess Fanny tip-toed over to the wall and peered up over the edge. There on the other side sat a large dragon. Resting next to the dragon was a plate of freshly baked cookies!

“Yoo-hoo! Mr. Dragon? Over here!” called Princess Fanny, waving her wand in the air.

The dragon looked up at the Princess and snorted a great big puff of smoke out of his great big nostrils. “Yes?” he asked.

“I was dancing in my garden and smelled your cookies.” Princess Fanny replied.

The dragon stood up, flew to the edge of the wall, and looked over at Princess Fanny’s yard. “Oh, that is a lovely garden!” he exclaimed. “I love pretty flowers, but I do not have any in my yard.”

Princess Fanny looked around. The dragon’s yard was filled with nothing but dirt and rocks. There was not even a pond! “Why are there no flowers in your garden?” she asked.

“My hands are too large to plant the tiny seeds into the ground.” he replied. “And every time I lean down to smell the flowers I sneeze! And when I sneeze I blow out fire from my nose, and all the flowers burn up.”

Princess Fanny felt bad for the dragon. She thought everyone should have a garden full of flowers! She gently touched the dragon’s arm and whispered, “You can look at my garden whenever you want.”

The dragon thought about this for a minute, and then he smiled a great big toothy smile. “I think I would like that! Besides, it is much more fun to share a garden full of beautiful flowers with a friend!” Princess Fanny was very happy that the dragon would visit her garden.

Then the dragon flew over to the plate of cookies and brought them back to the princess. Handing them to her, he said, “Every day I will bring cookies to share with you, and every day you will share your beautiful garden with me!”

Princess Fanny and the dragon became the best of friends. Every day they met at the wall and shared plates of cookies and smelled the pretty flowers.

The End

© Jennifer Bryant, 2009

Jennifer lives in California, USA.

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