The Mysterious Mountain
by Tammie Smith

snowy cabin in woods

This is a tale about four little girls who lived on a mountain top in a little white cabin.

Tristan was the oldest and loved what most little girls did, dresses, boys.

Star was more of a tom boy; she liked to try and fix things and was always curious of how things worked.

Kaitlyn was shy and gentle and always worried about others before herself.

Anna was the baby she knew all the other girls would look out for her and was a little Sneaky about things.

Their mother was very devoted and loving and cared for the girls putting them first and foremost in her life.

The family lived deep within the woods on a mountain top that had been passed down to their mother from her parents and to her parents by their parents.

The girls were direct dissidence from Indians who once lived on the land and called it their own.

They were growing up learning the ways of the land just as their mother had learned at their age. The girl's father had left some years ago and since that time their mother had met and married again to a wonderful man named D. J. Their mother Karen loved D. J. very much and he loved her and the girls and had taken on raising the girls as his own daughters. They also had a dog named Red which was a very obedient companion for thegirls and their mother when the visited the woods.

The girls like their mother loved to walk the woods and explore, mother would teach them about herbs and how to find their directions by the side the moss on the tree grew.

One day while getting ready to take a hike into the woods Red took off running fast and barking as loudly. He seemed to be chasing something but they could not figure out what it was. They looked and could not see a thing, they ran in the house and got mother and together they took off after Red calling his name all the while. Soon the reached the bottom of the mountain and found Red with is front paws up a tree and him barking as if he had treed an animal. The girls and mother looked up the tree and could not see anything. Mother grabbed Reds collar and pulled him from the tree and dragged him back home.

The next day Red did the same thing running as fast as his legs would carry him down the mountain to the same tree. Again mother ended up dragging him back up the mountain with Red barking all the way trying to go back down to the tree. After a few days of this mother tied Red up so he couldn't leave the house. This seemed to work and mother and the girls were pleased they did not have to run after Red down the mountain again.

The summer days were coming to an end so mother decided to take one last trip around the mountains with the girls before school started. The girls wanted to take Red and with a little bit of coaxing they had mother convinced he had learned his lesson. They were only about half way down the mountain when Red took off running down the same path he had taken before straight to the tree at the foot of the mountain. They ran after him and as soon as the got to the tree they could not only hear Reds barking but could hear growling coming from the top of the tree. They all looked but they saw nothing in the tree but from the growls they knew something was there. Mother dragged Red off the tree and told the girls to back away. The girls did as they were told and heard something jump from the tree onto the ground making a large thump when it hit, but they still could see nothing. They heard whatever it was running further into the woods. Mother held Red back as well as she could but just then he pulled the collar so hard she could not hold him back any longer.

When Mother and the girls finally got to the bottom of the mountain they could hear Red as if he was standing right in front of them growling and barking, but they could not see him. They listen closely and heard what sounded like something large splashing into the water. But there was no water in sight much less the signs of any animals around.

Mother was very puzzled, she had lived here all her life and had never encountered anything such as this. Feeling a little frightened herself she gathered up the girls and headed home. Mother decided she would come back in the morning herself and look for Red alone.

The next morning she followed the same trail she and the girls had taken the day before.

She looked long and hard but wasn't able to find Red anywhere. She decided to go to her sisters house and see if she had come across anything such as this. Her sister being older maybe she would know what was happening. Mother finally made it to her sister's house on the other side of the mountain and began to explain what had occurred the day before.

Aunt Julie told her sister of and old tale that had been handed down over the years. Julie explained that when she was young their father was hunting in the same area of woods and his hunting dog had treed something from the sounds coming from the tree it was a large bear. But when their father and his hunting buddies got to the tree they saw nothing.

After calling off his dog they heard the heavy animal climb down from the tree and heard splashing sounds the same as the girls had heard. Julie told her sister that over one hundred years ago the native Americans in the area knew they were being forced from their land. The local shaman did a ritual for the local animals to insure they would be safe from the white man and their hunting for pleasure. He mad a haven which only could be seen by animals, humans would never see this haven and therefore not be able to follow the animals.

After absorbing this information herself mother returned home and told the story to her girls. They knew Red may not come home but he was safe he had taken residence in the animal haven where all animals lived together in harmony.

The End

Copyright Tammie Smith, 2009

Tammie lives in Georgia, USA.

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