My Daddy Cape:
A Soldier Shares His Uniform
by Hillary Douglas

My daddy is going on a long trip again. I can tell. He did not go to work today.

Daddy got up and made us breakfast. The aroma of bacon and sound of music woke up my brothers and my sister. We danced in the kitchen while he cooked.

We are going places today! Yeah! Daddy must be playing hooky, it's not even Saturday!

After breakfast he put on his brown and tan uniform instead of his green and black one. I started to cry when I saw the different uniform.

My daddy scooped me up in his arms and sat me on his lap. He scooped up my little brother to sit on his other lap. Mommy, baby sister, and big brother were listening, too.

Daddy said that he has a very special job as a soldier. He is sad that he has to leave us behind for so long. He is proud to be an American Soldier. We are proud of him, too. We promised to help mommy around the house and to be brave for him.

He gave us each one of his brown tee shirts that he wears under his uniform. He helped me put it on. It was very big! It had daddy's special scent.

He hugged me with his big strong arms and whispered in my ear, "I love you and will be thinking about you every minute I'm away."

His shirt went all the way down to my feet! I couldn't walk! My brother and sister and I looked like we were wearing big brown dresses!

The shirt went down to my big brother's knees, but he didn't care. He knew it looked cool. Daddy also gave my big brother one of his work hats to wear.

Daddy took his big shirt off of me and said, "Here, try this." He then tucked it into the back of my shirt like a cape! "You guys can be my little super heroes and help cheer up mommy while I'm gone."

We helped Daddy pack his duffle bag. We counted his socks. We counted his underwear. We counted his uniforms. We packed his toothbrush and soap.

I put my favorite car into his extra pair of boots. Now, he is ready to go.

We all loaded into the car and drove onto the military base. Once we arrived, we helped him unload his luggage. I tucked another toy in the outside pocket of his duffle bag when he wasn't looking.

He gave us all a big hug and a kiss. He told me to be a big brave boy, and to help mommy. I told him I would draw him lots of pictures. He said he would call us every week. He would write letters, too.

We finally said goodbye and watched him get on the plane. We waved from the gate with the other families that would miss their soldiers, too.

I offered mommy my cape to wipe her tears. She didn't think I saw them. She picked me up and hugged me. Mommy smiled and whispered, "Thank you, my little super hero! I love you so much!"

We watched the plane fly into the sky. After the plane was gone, we walked hand in hand back to the car.

That night mommy cheered us up. We danced in the kitchen while she made us our first silly supper without daddy home.

We all helped her clear the table and clean up dinner. We started our new bedtime routine and thought about daddy.

We picked up our toys and put them away. We brushed our teeth and mommy gave us our baths.

We put on our capes as night shirts. We smelled really good, just like my daddy. We each kissed his picture and said, "Sweet dreams, Daddy. Call or write to us when you can."

Mommy read us bedtime stories and rubbed our backs until we fell asleep.

I was a big brave boy and didn't cry. Mommy whispered, "Sweet dreams, my little super hero."

Copyright Hillary Douglas 2007

Hillary lives in Colorado, USA. She is a military wife with 4 young children and works from home.

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