My Daddy Cape:
Let's Help Mommy Clean the Yard!
by Hillary Douglas

I wore my Daddy Cape outside to play today. It still smells like him. I miss him.

I talked to him at yesterday on the phone. He reminded me to be good and to help Mommy. He said he misses me and will play with me soon.

I remember how Daddy likes to chase me when I run. He always catches me. The Cape flies behind me when I run. It has special powers.

My Daddy Cape helps me run fast! Mommy takes my picture. I am Daddy's Little Superhero! I really miss him.

My Daddy Cape helps me crunch the leaves in the yard!

My big brother is bringing over the old wagon. Mommy takes his picture. I want to ride in the wagon! He says no, that he is going to be Daddy's Superhero with it! This makes me sad. I miss Daddy, too!

I started to cry. Mommy comes to give me a hug. Mommy reminds me that big kids act like big kids and we all have to take turns. I don't always like to share! When my big brothers are done with the wagon then I will get a turn.

My biggest brother is wearing the hat that daddy gave him. He is raking the leaves for Mommy. Mommy takes his picture.

He puts the leaves in the old wagon. Together my brothers haul them off to the trash.

The Cape makes my big brothers very strong. Mommy takes their picture.

They are a team! They work together to help Mommy clean the yard.

What can I do to help Mommy outside? Swinging is fun! Maybe Mommy will take my picture, too.

My toys are under the swing. They are in my way. I will just move them out of the way. My Cape makes me strong, too.

Here I go on the swing! Daddy likes to push me on the swing. Uh oh, I kicked the toys. They are still in my way.

What would a super hero do? I will pick them up and put them away.

See, I can be a super hero, too! I am a big helper! Mommy takes MY picture!

Whew, almost done. My baby sister wants to help. I will let her. Mommy takes her picture, too.

All done! The backyard is nice and clean. Mommy takes our picture together!

Mommy says, "Thank you very much, my little super heroes!"

My Cape helps me to fly high on the swing! My two big brothers have a clean yard to play soccer now. Mommy takes more pictures.

I sit in the wagon with my baby sister to watch my brothers play soccer. Mommy takes even more pictures.

"Why are you taking so many pictures?" She says, "We will send them to daddy. Teamwork helped mommy clean the yard. He will be so proud of his little super heroes!"

Copyright Hillary Douglas 2007

Hillary lives in Colorado, USA. She is a military wife with 4 young children and works from home.

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