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For better or worse, it's a competitive world out there.

When your child steps out of the cocoon of home and family, a place where so much is done for him or her, it can be a bit jarring to find out that...

Fix "Lack of Effort"

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  1. you're going to have to get things done on your own
  2. you're going to be measured in many ways against your peers

Whether it's school, sports or some other activity, motivating your child can be a struggle. And of course, you prefer to instill motivation that comes from within. You don't want your child expending effort only to please you. What happens when you're not there?

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A self-motivated child is more likely destined to succeed in life, while the under-motivated child lags. That's why we're offering a book that just might offer a cure for poor effort!

A children's book about the joy of trying

My storybook about a kid who hasn't yet figured out what's so great about trying is entitled, How Vansanna Learned that Work Can Be Fun. The book is a form of bibliotherapy. Bibliotherapy is the use of children's books to address children's problem behaviors.

"Vansanna" is the story of a happy child starting to experience some unhappiness as others start to expect more of her. She's underperforming in school, but what really gets her attention is when her unwillingness to practice results in her being dropped from her gymnastics class performance!

Fortunately, there's a loving parent to help her understand what's happening and to demonstrate for her the joy of getting better at something. Practice may not always make perfect, but improvement is its own reward.

Vansanna's story is an inspirational one that any child will enjoy. But I've done something else to make sure the book's message really hits home and helps you with motivating your child...

Illustrations are important!

The goal with a behavior book is to get your child to interact with it repeatedly. That way the book's lessons are reinforced. That's why we offer two PDF versions of Vansanna...

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