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Stories Your Child Can Sum Up!

Moral Stories

There are no shortage of stories these days that lack moral lessons...or that have lessons we'd prefer our children didn't learn!

So let's go back in time. Let's revisit the nearly 200 year old stories of Hans Christian Andersen. Unlike Aesop, Andersen didn't give his stories morals - but they were moral stories nonetheless.

So let's try something fun and educational, a parent-child project with real meaning.

One by one, I'm going to add Hans Christian Andersen's brilliant stories to this page for you to Read them to your children, or let your older children read the stories on their own.

(You may want to keep a dictionary handy, or have a dictionary webpage open. One reason these classic translations are educational is because they're more challenging than, "See Jane run.")

Print the stories out, or place your child right on your lap and read from the screen. Once you've finished with the story, have a discussion...

Decide what the story's moral should be. Then use the Facebook Comments to post YOUR moral to the site. And read what other people thought the moral should be!

This great exercise shows your child that reading isn't just about entertainment; it's about thinking and interpretation. And no child is too young to participate.

Stories that already have morals.

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