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1974: Born, "Monica Friedman"-a dactyl followed by a trochee, which, according to Aleister Crowley, is the perfect naming formula to ensure fame and success in life.

1981: First identifies as an artist.

1983: First attempt at writing a novel, the story of two teenage anthropologists who are inexplicably married and able to travel around the country in a well-outfitted camper.

1985: First and only F ever on an English assignment, which, despite being proofread multiple times, approved by the teacher, and handed in with perfect handwriting and no spelling or grammar mistakes, is rejected as being "inappropriate" due to veiled sexual references, to wit, the phrase, "did it."

1986: First attempt at writing a screenplay, the story of a girl who is adopted by Indiana Jones and travels around the world infiltrating mysterious cults and uncovering their secrets.

1988: Begins writing the first draft of The Girl Who Followed Her Own Counsel. First identifies as a writer. Knows that writing is the only thing she wants to do with her life.

1992: Enrolls in Antioch College as a psychology major, because her parents insist that writing is not a real degree and that she can "write anytime" but must study something useful.

1996: Graduates with a BA. Publishes first book review in Antioch Review. Wants nothing more than to go on to an MFA program but lacks the credentials.

1998: Editorial Assistant at WW Norton.

2000: Enrolls at Northeastern Illinois University as an English major, because her parents were wrong and, as it turns out, psychology is the useless degree. Works as an assistant to the poet Helen Degan-Cohen and tutors in writing.

2001: After taking sixteen English classes in four semesters, graduates summa cum laude with another BA. Enrolls at Western Michigan University in the MFA in creative writing program. Teaches Freshman Composition. Studies with Jaimy Gordon, Stu Dybek, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Arnost Lustig, and Claudia Allen, among others.

2002: Assistant Fiction Editor at Third Coast. Section leader at WMU TA orientation.

2003: TA for the Prague Summer Program. Head Fiction Editor at Third Coast. Preliminary judge for undergraduate fiction contest. Completes first full-length play, Angeline/Evil.

2004: Graduates with an MFA in creative writing. First paid jobs as a writer of fiction, teaching creative writing at Woods Lake Magnet School for the Arts and Gull Lake Writer's Conference. Contributes thirty entries to the Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature, first professional rate. Begins volunteering as a literacy advocate.

2005: Finishes The Girl Who Followed Her Own Counsel. Various questionable and degrading writing jobs. Writes second novel, The '92 Psilympics.

2006: The Girl Who Followed Her Own Counsel passes first read at DAW, a publishing company that never again responds to any queries about the manuscript. Finishes third novel, The Gonif. Launches Dragon's Library. Begins obsessively reviewing books.

2007: Finishes fourth novel, the untitled sequel to The Girl Who Followed Her Own Counsel and fifth novel, Summer of Osiris. Receives first unsolicited free books to review.

2008: Finishes sixth novel, The Final Flavor. Begins working as a freelance copywriter, specializing in web content for search engine optimization.

2010: First sale of a work of fiction, "Spin Free," to Bards and Sages. Participates in NaNoWriMo and writes seventh novel: 57,000 words in 18 days. Joins

2011-present: Takes over world with awesome writing skills.

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