Mona Finds a Home

by India Franklin

smiling beta fish

This is Mona. She is a purple beta fish. She lives in a big pet store with all different kinds of animals.

Many different people come and go each day. Mona watches as they pass by. 'I wish someone would take me home,’ she thought.

One day, as she is swimming around her tank, she notices two big brown eyes peeking at her.

She becomes frightened. What should she do?

Blink! Two brown eyes blink. Wiggle! A red nose wiggles. Rosy cheeks and bright white teeth appear.

A cold little girl smiles on the other side of the glass tank.

‘She’s not scary at all,’ thinks Mona. ‘I wonder if she will like me.’

“I want that one, mom,” the little girl said. A lady in a red coat replies “Not today, Nita. It’s time to go.”

Nita waved goodbye to Mona. She was sad that she had to leave.

“I’ll come back tomorrow,” the little girl whispered and she walked out the door.

Mona was excited! ‘I can’t wait!’ she thought. ‘I want to show her all of my tricks. She would like that.’

Monday she blew bubbles.

Bloop! Bloop! Bloop!

Tuesday she wiggled her fins.

Flip Flap! Flip Flap!

Wednesday she swam in circles.


Thursday she did a flip.


Friday she jumped up and splashed.


Saturday she was ready to squirt water but Nita never came.

‘She has come to see me every day,’ thought Mona. ‘I wonder where she is.’

Sunday came and still no sign of Nita. Mona watched the different people come and go.

She was sad. ‘Maybe she doesn’t want me after all,’ she thought.

She saw the pet store owner talking to a lady in a red coat. “I’ll take this blue one,” said the lady and she pointed Mona.

‘Oh no!’ Mona thought as the owner put her in a plastic bag. ‘Now I’ll never see Nita again.’

Mona was still sad when the lady in the red coat put her in a brand new bowl.

She was even sad when she placed her on the table next to a pink and white cake.

She looked around at all the smiling faces. ‘Why are they so happy?’ she thought.

Nita was sitting at the head of the table. She smiled and clapped excitedly when she saw Mona.

Mona was glad to see her too.

“Happy Birthday, Nita!” the children cheered. Mona splashed around in her new bowl.

Later that night when Nita was asleep in her bed, Mona swam happily around her new bowl.

‘I have a new home and a new friend. I’m so happy!’ she thought. She snuggled in, closed her eyes, and dreamed of all the fun they would have together.

The End

Copyright India Franklin, 2011

The author lives in Virginia, USA.

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