by Suzanne Collins

Final Installment of The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins' The Mockingjay

Book review by Isabella Thompson

Ages 12 and older (young adult)

The much anticipated grand finale of the enthralling Hunger Games series

Mockingjay is the heart pounding third installment of the Hunger Games Trilogy by author Suzanne Collins. Katniss Everdeen, the heroine from the first two books of the series-Hunger Games (reviewed onsite) and Catching Fire-returns entrenched in a tumultuous time of government corruption and dictatorship. Very closely paralleling the reality of what a once free society could succumb to if the citizens fail to hold their leaders accountable while recognizing the significance of their own voices.

We find Katniss facing many more challenges that are intended to destroy her, but succeed only in empowering her and increasing her influence. She agrees to become a playing piece in this dangerous game, emerging as the Mockingjay-a creature experiment of the Capitol gone awry, a nonconformist of sorts. And for the rebels it symbolizes hope and courage in the face of tyranny and opposition as the remaining districts are oppressed by the Capitol and suffer at the hands of the sadistic President Snow. He ups the stakes this time around by incorporating tactics that go straight for the heart of the Mockingjay-he directly jeopardizes the lives of those closest to Katniss, bringing tragedy to her family.

Amid the chaos that ensues as the rebels from District 13 emerge on the scene to combat the Capitol, Katniss battles a personal war-one of love. This will threaten a dear friendship and require her to come to terms with her true feelings. As she seeks to bring the corrupt Powers That Be to ruin, she must also sort the mangled fragments of her life to make sense of what her heart reveals to her.

Katniss has known pain and loss before, but this time it could prove to be unbearable as the future of Panem hangs in the balances and victory seems elusive. What will the end results be, and at what cost?

Mockingjay is a fast paced and jolting read that keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way to the very last page, thereafter lingering and drawing at your thoughts. I highly recommend it.

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