Palette of wonder

by Taylor Mallatt
(West Lafayette)

The Messypede

The Messypede

The Messypede
Tales of the Great Creator

I'm Taylor Mallatt and I am a Purdue University graduate, crazy cat lover, published illustrator, and intuitive dreamer!

I received my BFA in Visual Communications Design and a minor in Studio Art from Purdue University, West Lafayette IN. As a graphic designer I am well versed in typography, text/image layout, and the Adobe Creative Suite; all which pairs exceptionally with my fine art skills.

Although I am comfortable using digital platforms, I prefer to use the traditional mediums of watercolor, oil paint, ink, colored pencil, and acrylic for my illustration work; my favorite mediums being ink, colored pencil, and watercolor.

My work has a painterly quality and focuses heavily on color; I love color! I have a natural photo-realistic style, but am very experimental and love to explore new styles to accommodate my clients; I aim to please.

I am the illustrator of two published books: The Adventures of Maggie the Cat by Ginger Hubbs, and Tales of the Great Creator by Alan Horvath. As my previous clients will tell you, I am very easy to work with and love contributing my own design ideas to the creation process.

I am an eager and crazily creative young artist who is ready and willing to take on any project. I would love to illustrate a children's book or any other work that you have.

I am open to negotiate prices and would be more than willing to do sample sketches.

I truly love what I do as an artist and hope that you will love working with me too! I invite any questions that you may have so please feel free to contact me at and search for me by name at coroflot dot com.

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Jul 05, 2013
needing an illustrator
by: teressa

Hi Taylor,

I have a children's book that is currently being edited. Your art work interests me because of the technique you use.

Please contact me,
Teressa Miranda

Jun 15, 2011
Thanks, Taylor
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

Taylor's email now appears in the main listing.

Jun 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

I don't know why my email isn't listed. I wondered why everyone was asking me to contact them.


My email is

Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone!

Jun 15, 2011
Jeremy, I hear you
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

But given that I somehow allowed this illustrator to post despite not having an email address or a website, it makes perfect sense that this is how folks are trying to contact him/her! I'm going to take it as an indicator of how much interest, invisible to us, illustrators are receiving from these pages.

Taylor, can you offer any way for folks to contact you???

Jun 15, 2011
Job if the price is right
by: Shawn

I have a simple 15 page book; contact me if interested with your bid.


May 10, 2011
Touching base
by: Jeremy Foster-Fell

I was curious whether some of these "interested in illustrator" comments were serious inquiries.


May 10, 2011
children's book illustrator
by: Anonymous

I am looking for an illustrator for a children's book. If you are interested, please email


Apr 29, 2011
Will give you several opportunities
by: Teec

Please write for several opportunities.

Apr 27, 2011
looking for an illustrator
by: Anonymous

contact me

Have a book ready to publish for children but need a GOOD illustrator. THe book is about Maggie the Cat.

You could be the one!

Apr 15, 2011
Looking for an Illustrator
by: Brenda


I am currently looking for an illustrator for my very first children’s book. Please email me at so we can discuss the job further.

Apr 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

please contact me:; I think we might work together...

Mar 09, 2011
Like your work
by: candice


I am currently looking for an illustrator. Email me at for more info.



Mar 09, 2011
Looking for Illustrator
by: Candice

Hi Taylor,

I love your drawings! I am looking for a children's book illustrator.


Feb 25, 2011
by: Jeremy Foster-Fell

I have also recently joined this site; it was recommended by my illustrator. I think it is a very good site. I just wrote some comments for you, and they appeared on "my site comments" as did your reply.

I tried to copy and paste that link here but it didn't work! If you want to email me, I know I can cut and paste the link if you want to do it that way.

My e mail is

I thought I should put you in touch with my illustrator, Matthew.

If you want to check me out you can go onto Amazon books and put in "The Caterpillar and the Express Train," or put my name into Facebook.


Feb 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for the encouragement; it's nice to hear. I have a question though, how did you get started? It just seems so hard and competitive...How did you get your break?

Feb 24, 2011
Never too young or too old!
by: Jeremy Foster-Fell


I am glad to report that artistic talent has no respect for any age. Fortunately, talent is independent of the clock.

I am a micro publisher of illustrated children's books (emphasis on the micro), and I work with an illustrator in Vermont who is 40 years my junior!

He has just completed a second book for me. The first he did in oils, and this one is water colors.

You obviously have a lot of talent, which coupled with passion and patience leads to success. I promise!


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Waterslide Illustrations

by Miriam Rue
(Cincinnati, OH )

Clean up time!

Clean up time!

Clean up time!
Christmas concept art
Outdoor chess
teenage girl character study

Hi there! My name is Miriam Rue and I am a digital illustrator. I love drawing unique characters with motions and expressions to match!

My style is cartoony, yet realistic enough not to confuse young readers, while at the same time attracting older readers as well!

I am also totally capable of tweaking my drawing style to match what you have envisioned. I absolutely love it when my illustrations come out exactly as the author envisioned, and I can't wait to do exactly that with you!

Contact Miriam.

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Nov 13, 2015
God-given Talent
by: Sharon K. Connell

This young lady truly has a God-given talent. She has done a book cover for me which will not be released as yet, hopefully soon. It is not cartoonish as is a lot of her work but looks almost as if you are viewing the bird through a camera. Amazing talent. I can't say enough. Please check out her work.

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Great Illustration at Reasonable Rates!

by Kelly Carter
(Gwinn, MI)

girl holding dragon

girl holding dragon

girl holding dragon
wheelie gone wrong
checkers break
Happy Birthday from the zoo!

MadSpiderStudio - Great Illustration at Reasonable Rates!

I am an experienced professional illustrator with over six years of experience.

My work covers children's book art, richly painted book cover art, greeting card design, children's product design and numerous other projects.

For children's books I offer a variety of styles at various rates to suit many budgets.

One of my specialties is portrait illustration for children's books, where the author supplies me with photo references of their child or grandchild to base the book's main character on.

Client satisfaction is my highest priority. I am easy to work with and dedicated to helping my clients develop the best product possible.

Please feel free to contact me today for more information at

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Enjoys working with selfpub authors

by Russ van Dine
(Mason, Michigan, USA)

Mock-up artwork for Saves the End of Summer Circus

Mock-up artwork for Saves the End of Summer Circus

Mock-up artwork for Saves the End of Summer Circus
Artwork for a local skating business
Moose playing hockey
Mock-up for a new logo for a friend

Your first step in successful self-publishing - collaborate with me!

Energetic, detailed artwork sure to bring a smile to your reader as they fall in love with your characters.

Enjoy more input than you would get in the traditional publishing scenario by guiding me to your best illustrations for your wonderful story.

You have already put in so much time and effort, sweated the every last detail, and now it is time to SEE what you have created!

Work with me as I dedicate myself to bring your book alive visually in the shortest time possible.

I draw and paint digitally, using a Wacom Cintiq, Photoshop and a simple scanner. I can produce artwork to any size - black and white or full color. I enjoy automotive artwork as well as drawing cartoon animals.

Contact Russ.

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Making an Emotional Connection

by David Oldham
(Indianapolis Area, Indiana, United States)

Character design and illustration for a game.

Character design and illustration for a game.

Character design and illustration for a game.
A child from Columbia for a children's program.
A dog enjoying a car ride done in colored pencil.
Single panel cartoon in ink then digitized and colored in Photoshop.

David Oldham - Creative Illustrator

David has vast experience in the commercial art field illustrating for many different companies. The goals are nearly always the same - to make an emotional connection with the viewer. He has honed his ability to create visual expressions from the writer's words and thoughts and offers those services to you.

Some of the media and styles include pen and ink, paint and pencil, cartoon and comic book, and include digital such as Illustrator and Photoshop. He also works in a hybrid analog/digital fashion in order to be efficient and cost effective.

A free estimate will be created based on the initial meeting and overall scope of the project. A down payment will be required for any work to begin. The payment will range from a quarter to half down depending on the project's required deliverables and production schedule. Payments will be required at different intervals, such as at approvals. Project charges could range from as little as $25 to upwards to $250 per illustration depending on size, color, detail, etc. Everything will be outlined and communication will be a must to ensure that the project stays on track with expectations and production schedules.

Thank you for your consideration.

Contact David.

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Mixing Media

by Kylie Hopkins
(Missouri, USA)

This is just a little sketch I did in pencil of a small giraffe.

This is just a little sketch I did in pencil of a small giraffe.

This is just a little sketch I did in pencil of a small giraffe.
Small acrylic parrot

I am self taught, and though I am just starting out in the world of illustration, I plan on making myself a career.

I am confident in my abilities and love making people happy with my creations.

I work well with mixed media (sharpie, colored pencil, pen, paint, etc.) and have found that by mixing these I am able to create unusual but wonderful designs. I am also capable of line drawings, black and white, color.

I am fully willing to create sample sketches for authors. I love art, and reading, so illustrating has always been a dream of mine. I am always willing to work with what the author wants exactly and try to capture what they envisioned. :)

You can contact me at my email address: .

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Caseypalooza Children's Book Illustration

by Casey Vigus
(South Lyon, MI)

Wagon Train

Wagon Train

I create simple, heart-warming illustrations and designs that stimulate the eyes, minds, and imaginations of children and parents of all ages.

I have vast experience with fine art mediums as well as digital graphic design work. This collaboration of old and new media lets me bring vivid, fun, playful, and thought provoking images to children's books and stories.

It is my job and opportunity to bring an author's story to life through illustrative visual aid, supporting the beauty of the written work in visual terms.

I use fine art mediums such as oil, watercolor, acrylic, ink, and pastel, etc.

I also work digitally, using the Adobe Creative Suite CS4, Illustrator, and Photoshop, etc.

I love collaborating with the author; communication is the key to achieving the best illustrative outcome for not only the author but the book itself and its readers. I encourage communication, proposing my ideas with sketches, thumbnails, compositional and color palette variations, waiting for your approval before committing to the final product.

I also feel agreeing on compensation is an important part of the agreement between author and illustrator and should occur during the preliminary design process.

I have been a freelance illustrator for over 8 years at Caseypalooza Illustration, with designs ranging from children's murals, business logos, wedding invitations, greeting cards, and a tarot deck design.

I have studied fine arts, illustration, and graphic design at Michigan State University (BFA 2008) and The College for Creative Studies (Detroit, MI) (BFA 2011).

I look forward to working with authors and bringing a children's book visually alive. I can be contacted at or for further information and will gladly send my digital portfolio to those who are interested!

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Beautiful Children’s Book Illustrations!

by Bree Johnson
(Michigan, USA)

Girl in Autumn

Girl in Autumn

Beautiful Children’s Book Illustrations!

I am an illustrator and graphic designer in Michigan. Although I am skilled in traditional mediums from pencil drawings to oil painting, I currently work digitally.

I consider my work colorful and brilliant. Although my work is more realistic, it is also whimsical and fun.

I like to work with an author to fulfill his or her vision. Feel free to contact me at

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Inventive Illustration

by Al Margolis
(Cleveland, Ohio)

The Bully

The Bully

The work is a colorful, creative, fun style. We work in 3 techniques - whimsical folk art, humorous illustration using pencil and computer, and Illustrator vector art. They all have a slightly different look, but we put the same thinking into all the drawings, creating very inventive visuals.

We've worked with many self publishing authors all around the country - 20 years experience.

Let us know if the style is appropriate for your needs. We're very good on deadlines and details and easy to work with.

Files will be printer ready, including type and cover design.

If you like the work, please contact me for more information. I appreciate your time.

- Al Margolis

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Narrative and Nature Illustrations

by D. Brent Campbell
(North Canton, Ohio)

Mayan Girl

Mayan Girl

Narrative and Nature Illustrations for Children's Books and More

After graduating from Columbus College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration, D. Brent Campbell went on to creating some fun-filled pages for the editorial market. He quickly moved into the children's book world, which seemed to be a natural fit for him.

He has two main styles he works in. His first style is fun and rich and full of whimsical characters he develops for the more narrative publications he illustrates. Secondly, he has a great eye for detail that lends itself nicely to creating realistic animals for science and nature books.

Brent has created some of the most beautiful murals for zoos and now has even begun to create 3D sculptures for zoos, science centers and museums. Sometimes these creations are larger than life for educational purposes.

Contact Brent at D. Brent Campbell Illustration.

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Abby's Art World

by Abby Davidson
(West Bloomfield, MI)



Whimsy Rabbit

I graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, with a drawing concentration.

I am an illustrator, printmaker, and painter. I have always had a passion for old-fashioned and whimsical children's illustrated books.

I have extensive experience in life drawing, illustrating animals, and using a range of techniques. It is important to me that I always produce quality work. The effort and time it takes to create beautiful illustrations is always worth it.

Style: I create both realistic and cartoon-like illustrations. My work tends to focus on line-work details and bold color, but I can always adapt the illustrations depending on the mood or theme of the project.

Mediums: I primarily use watercolor, color pencil, pastel, printmaking ink, pen and ink, acrylic, and more. My areas of specialty include block printing, color pencil illustrating, and pointillism with pen and ink.

Subject Matter: I love illustrating animals, both realistic and cartoon-style. I also illustrate the human figure. If you have a photo source of the subject you want the art to resemble, that will help me create exactly what you have in mind.

Process/Pricing: After reading your manuscript, I will create a sample layout, color or black and white. The outline proof is free-of-charge. If there are any changes you would like to make, this is when I create alternate proofs, also free-of-charge. Once it has been approved, we can discuss the details, such as number of pages, size preference, medium(s) preference, and a deadline. Once I have this information, I can give you an estimate. If you would like only one spot illustration for a book cover or a gift, it will be the same process.

Collaborating: If you would like to see more samples from my portfolio or ask any questions, please feel free to contact me at Abigail Davidson Art.

I look forward to working on any inspiring project!

Abby Davidson

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Jun 22, 2016
Childrens book/Illustrations
by: Lee Olsen

Hello Abby,

I saw some of your designs and really liked your style. My wife and I are currently writing our first Childrens book Called Thru Green Eyes. We'd like to talk more about wha it is you do. Please contact my wife Diane @ 919-360-6184 or her email @

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Lee Olsen

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Illustrator - Recent Grad

by Heather Taylor

Escape from Reality- Oil Pastel

Escape from Reality- Oil Pastel

Escape from Reality- Oil Pastel
Winter- Watercolor
Blue Bird- Watercolor/gouache
Mother- Pastel

My name is Heather Taylor, and I am a recent graduate from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, with a bachelor of fine arts in Illustration.

My main focus in school was to learn as much as I could about illustration in general, but I felt a keen love of children's book illustration.

My internship was spent with a small publishing illustrator, named Jennifer Emery, who showed me from start to finish the ins and outs of getting children's book work while she was working on her most recent book "Sheila Says We're Weird."

My own work includes designing logos and advertising spots from TK Production Studios, designing backgrounds for a small flash game used as a learning tool for Minneapolis College of Art and Design, designing t-shirts for Kudzu and Kidzu Play Company, and creating posters for various organizations.

While my freelance work has been focused around design, my own body of work remains mostly character based.

I enjoy working with a variety of subjects, from children's book to editorial. My work is also media driven so I work mostly in traditional media, with emphasis on watercolor, gouache, oil and chalk pastel (pan, stick, pencil), and cut paper.

But I also work extensively in computer art programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

If I were given the chance to audition for a children's book project, I would want to do a portfolio review as well as make sketches of characters; also one full layout with a color study to show my ideas on the project and to see if my style would be what the client was looking for.

I believe my style to be fun, happy, uplifting, bright, and engaging. My ideas for portraying emotion go beyond just making the character's face change. I believe the environment and atmosphere should also play a valuable part in making a specific scene work.

My work in multimedia has challenged me to push these ideas and make them very much a part of my style.

If you would like to discuss my work or any other details, please feel free to reach me by e-mail: ( I appreciate your interest in my work, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Oct 31, 2015
Board book
by: Rguidroz

Do you have any samples for a board book? I like your style and I'm looking for an illustrator for my toddler book. Email me if you are interested.

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Kevin Scott Collier, Illustrator

(Grand Haven, MI USA)

Illustrator Kevin Scott Collier

Illustrator Kevin Scott Collier

Kevin is the author and illustrator of over 60 titles. Collier's work is whimsical and colorful. "Topsy Turvy Land," one book he illustrated in 2005, was voted by World Magazine as "one of the top 50 children's picture books of all time." Collier illustrates for over a dozen publishers.

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Mar 24, 2011
Holly Smalley
by: Anonymous


I'm trying to reach Holly Smally, as we are publishing an article she wrote. I have no
contact information for her. If you did the illustrations for her book, "If Rocks Could Talk," please give her my email address and ask her to contact me.

Oct 15, 2010
I need to learn
by: Shalu Mohan

Hi Kevin,

My Name is Shalini. I live in Bangalore, India. All these years I have worked as a Technical Writer in a software firm. However, a couple of years ago I got an oppurtunity to do graphics, which was my passion. I have been since then been creating web graphics (icons, splash screens). I do not have a professional qualification in graphics designing. I have learnt a lot all by myself, going through online tutorials and stuff.

It has been my dream to do illustrations for children's books, but I do not know how to start and what to do. Would it be possible that you evaluate me and let me work under you if I am good enough for you (if distance is not an issue)?I want to basically learn the job from you. I am not worried about the money part at this point in time. My main aim is to learn.

Do let me know if you are willing to do so. If yes, you can mail me at

May 06, 2008
Fellow Illustrator
by: Bonnie Everett-Hawkes

To say that Kevin Scott Collier is multi-talented would be an understatement. Kevin is one of the most creative and imaginative artists/authors that I have had the privilege of knowing.

He is a master of the digital medium, a skill not every artist can claim. It is a rare find to see such talent combined in both an author and illustrator. His characters are bold, colorful, and sure to delight both child and adult.

Mar 05, 2008
Thank you, Kevin , for all you did for me!
by: Judy Caughron Byers

As a totally unknown writer, I sent Kevin Scott Collier a copy of my story, "Claude Henry Learns to Gobble," on a whim. He drew some of the most beautiful, whimsical likenesses of turkeys I had ever seen. I feel that if Disney ever saw them we would be signing a contract for a new children's cartoon.

When we finished making Claude Henry into a FREE e-book, Kevin set up a webpage for me. (I had no clue how to even start). Then, I told him that I had another story called "Turbo-Kitty, The Ultimate Race Cat." He laughed, and said, "I'd love to see that!" This resulted in my next FREE e-book.

Since then, (2006) I have written poetry and short stories for Kevin on numerous occasions. He has illustrated each piece excellently and with precision. I feel I also have a "friend for life".

Thanks, Kevin, for taking an interest, putting your faith in me, and all you have done. I will be eternally grateful. Five stars now, and many more to come!

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Red-Haired Illustrator for Hire

by Doug Spencer
(Noblesville, Indiana )

The Littlest Giant

The Littlest Giant

The Littlest Giant
Crazy Characters
Heading out to Play
No-Hands Bike Rider

I'm a red haired illustrator, but don't hold it against me

I love detailed work with bright, vibrant color.

I usually hand draw, ink, then apply color using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS4.

I tend to do whimsical subjects. I also love comic book art.

Children's books are a fairly new medium for me, but I'm very excited to get into this field. I love cartooning and coming up with new interesting characters and ideas.

You can reach me at

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From Whimsical to Realistic

by James Balkovek
(Hagerstown, Indiana, USA)

Jazzy, Red, and characters

Jazzy, Red, and characters

My art ranges from the realistic to the whimsical

Illustrating a book is about creating a world for the reader to enter, to live in and enjoy. The art reflects a combination of the author's and my vision to come up with something ultimately unique. It is my goal in my work to entertain, while storytelling.

Contact James Balkovek, from whimsical to realistic.

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Self-Taught Artist

by Karen Ross Ohlinger
(Baltimore, Ohio, United States)

Think very very big...

Think very very big...

Hello out there!

My name is Karen Ross Ohlinger. I am a self taught artist.

I started my career with Federated Department Stores, where I became lead illustrator.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

Since then I have also branched out successfully into many other areas of illustration.

Recently, I have dipped a toe into the exciting world of children's book illustration.

My style is whimsical and gentle. I sincerely hope to make many people happy with my illustrations.

Contact Karen Ross Ohlinger Illustration.

Thank you!

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ZTJ INC - Children Illustrations

by Zachary Jordan
(Columbus, Ohio, United States )

Family Reunion

Family Reunion

I am a freelance cover and book illustrator who uses fun as the centerpiece to every piece of art.

My illustrations are fun and humorous illustrations for all ages. I use a very flat and graphic style to express ideas and concepts.

Contact Zachary Jordan.

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by Natalie Totire
(Wheaton, IL, USA)

Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber

Natalie Totire has taken art classes at a Community College and Art League but frequently studies art in her free time. She has illustrated several of her own books, including "The Littlest Donkey" (now on Amazon), and "Noah, Elam, and the Ark."

Natalie also illustrated books for several clients in the past, primarily using digital illustrations. She is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Natalie has worked with several mediums, including acrylic, digital, and colored pencil. She has a good eye for color and expression, and her style remains innocent.

Natalie is enthusiastic about working with clients. She is willing to sketch out ideas beforehand.

I have worked regularly for clients for the past four years, making cards, designs, airbrushing caricatures, and illustrating children's stories. My artwork has won four merit awards and had been on background display under the Fox TV show "Prison Break."

Whether drawing children or animals, the details in the eyes and face are very expressive. I also have experience with a variety of mediums. I often choose the medium and colors depending on the mood of the story.

Contact Natalie for more samples and prices.

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Children Book Illustrator - Freelance Designer

by Domonique Mayhawk
(Ypsilanti, MI, United States)

LJ waking up Carlos in class

LJ waking up Carlos in class

Your Children Book Illustrator-That Is What I Am

First of all I love children. I love their view of the world as a playground and that their imaginations run wild.

I am playful when it comes to creating characters, especially children characters. I can make them look very simple, with untied shoelaces and runny noses, or I can make them look very detailed, wearing coveralls and standing on their bed pretending to be a singer with their mother peeking in on them.

I draw children of all ethnicities and create them with originality.

I normally like to draw by hand and color by hand and then scan, but I am open to creating my art digitally.

I use all types of mediums, such as oil, acrylic, watercolor paints, or even prisma color artist markers, color pastels or color pencils.

I am open to drawing superheroes and sci-fi characters and animal characters. I am really skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I would love to work on illustrations for children books of all age levels. I would love to be your next book illustrator.

Contact D Hawk the Lovely - A Freelance Designer.

Comments for Children Book Illustrator - Freelance Designer

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Mar 23, 2010
More info on me!
by: DHawk

I have graduated with my BFA from the University of Michigan School of Art & Design. I specialize in illustrating children books, but I also do photography, book layout design, and logo design. I just finished illustrating my first children's book and am about to start 2 new illustration projects with 2 authors very soon.

My personal work is activism on behalf of children who aren't fortunate enough to receive a higher education, or even a decent education. I do personal drawings of African American children and Latino children from the slums.

If you are looking to have me illustrate here, is my process:

1: Draw thumbnail storyboard sketches and characters, then send them to you for approval
2: Draw each of the drawings and send to you for approval
3: Color the drawings
4: Editing changes
5: Cover page

I charge:

$60 for storyboard sketches
$150 per illustration
$300 for cover page illustration
$25/page for editing the finished colored illustrations

I hope to work with you.


Dec 09, 2009
by: Domonique Mayhawk

Thank you for your comment! I want to do my best in keeping God first in everything I do. God is the only way!

Dec 08, 2009
Ms. Mayhawk
by: donna womble

I'm so very proud of you. You're on your way, girl. And with God in the lead you can't fail. Much love and prayer for your success!

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Kate Paul painting & illustration

(Detroit, Michigan, USA)



Kate Paul painting & illustration

I work drawing and painting illusions. I work in a whimsical style. I commissioned artwork and paintings. I'm currently illustrating for children's picture books and stories - commissioned paintings for children of all ages.

Primarily, my sketches are rendered in watercolour pencil. I provide the first sample sketch "thumbnail" on spec. I charge per illustration for finished sketches.

My primary paint medium is oil. I work via email or in-person. I recently finished a commissioned mural in the staircase entrance to the children's section of the Royal Oak Public Library, Royal Oak, MI.

Contact me at Paul Studios, LLC.

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Uplifting Illustration

by Kaamilya
(Detroit, MI, United States)

Sketches of kids

Sketches of kids

Children's illustrations by a wonderful artist determined to enlighten

I am an inspirational individual and enjoy uplifting people through my artwork. I am a self-taught artist, drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, and believe it or not, I wear a lot of hats. One of the hats just happened to be drawing.

I want to use my artistic skills to pursue a career in illustrating children's books that serves the high purpose of getting children to understand realistic situations.

I want my illustrating to capture personal stories and examples of community building - stories full of insight and inspiration.

I am proficient in pencil and charcoal. Let me point out that my work is professional; drawings are realistic, imaginary and abstract.

I would like to work on your next project. I will work with you by doing sample sketches to correspond with your skills. My price quotes vary depending on the project and are very reasonable. I don't want to let my talents for drawing go to waste.

Contact me so that I can work on your next project.



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Oct 17, 2009
Very great work
by: Anonymous

You are able to capture children and poses in many ways, and their expressions are very well drawn.

I will be in contact with you.

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Employed Illustrator Seeks More Work

by Lance King

Cover for Very Merry Animals

Cover for Very Merry Animals

Lance King Illustration

I am an Illustrator based in Columbus, Ohio, and employed by a small publisher, Brighter Minds Media, as an illustrator and graphic designer.

My work there is a little limited, so I would like to find an author who has a really fun, different project.

I like to work closely with a writer and discuss the direction of the art and story along the way.

I work in a few different styles, although I prefer pen & ink and watercolor. I prefer to work traditionally, but digital work is just fine with me also if preferred by you.

Please email me at Rocket King Art - The Art of Lance King if you'd like to view more work or talk.


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Colorful Children's Book Illustrations!

by Jake Murray
(Columbus, Ohio USA)

Mr. Topaz Breaks the Rules

Mr. Topaz Breaks the Rules

I am a professional freelance illustrator specializing in the sci-fi/fantasy and children's publishing markets.

After graduating from the Columbus College of Art and Design in May of 2010, I began freelancing full-time and have a growing list of clients in the publishing, gaming, and advertising industries.

Since 2005, I have been producing the illustrations for the "Mr. Topaz" series of self-published children's books.

Coming from a traditional drawing and painting background, my work focuses heavily on realistic depictions of light, mood, and expression.

Most of my professional work is created digitally via programs like Photoshop and Corel Painter, but I do enjoy painting with oils as well.

I'm very easy to work with, and if you want to give your book a professional edge over the rest, it would be my pleasure to see to it!


Per 2-page full-color spread: $250 in advance against a percentage of royalties (to be determined during negotiation).

Cover (front and back) - $350

Cover (front only) - $250

I also offer book layout services as well which include setting type and putting together the final book pdf for the print production. Ask me how I can make your book look completely professional! (Additional fees apply.)

I usually request no more than half payment up front. Fees are subject to negotiation depending on the project.


To contact me or request to see more of my work, please email Jake Murray Illustration!

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Illustrations for Children

by David Simon
(Westlake, Ohio)

Christmas Dog

Christmas Dog

Christmas Dog
Birthday in Africa
Wolf in Winter
King of the Sky Cats

I'm a professional illustrator from Ohio with more than 25 years of experience, much of it for children. I specialize in pen & ink and colored pencil, with lots of detail and texture, but I'm also adept at digital illustration.

Contact David M. Simon.

Comments for Illustrations for Children

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Mar 14, 2012
Artists Needed
by: Anonymous

Good day,
I work for a company with several children's books in production, and we need artists to help complete the series.

If you are interested, please contact me at:

Thank you.

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Russel Wayne - Book Illustrator

(Wisconsin, USA)

Three Elves

Three Elves

Russel Wayne - Book Illustrator

I've been into graphic design, animation and book illustration services for 2 years already. I've worked with 12 different authors since I started in freelance.

Children's happiness is always my motivation in pursuing this career. I once worked for an international company as a logo and t-shirt designer, but when one of my colleagues from the Philippines got me involved with a local artists group taking part in a mission to help underprivileged young children develop their skills, all my attention went in that direction.

Now I'm fulfilling a dream!

I have many styles, and I'm flexible with any kind of art approaches. I always ask my author about his/her preferred style before I get started with the project.

I also use a few software applications like, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash and Fireworks.

Thanks for this site, and a wonderful day to all!!

Contact Russel Wayne.

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Cartoon Like or Realistic Style Illustrations

by Christina Cartwright
(Mount Vernon, IN)

Covers for Children's Books

Covers for Children's Books

Covers for Children's Books
Beavers-Cartoon Style
Puppies-Realistic Style
Boy and Dog-Realistic Style


My name is Christina Cartwright and I am an illustrator of children's books. Art is my passion and it shows in my work. I love what I do!

Since obtaining my degree in visual communications in 2003, I have been creating illustrations for children's books, cover art, posters, game illustrations and various other projects.

I have created images for several children's books which are available for purchase at Amazon. My illustrations are colorful, either in cartoon or realistic style.

I can read your material and illustrate your images as I envision them, or, you can send me detailed descriptions on how you want your images to look. Depending on the amount of detail or content in the pictures, it takes me roughly 1/2 - 2 days per image.

My medium is digital, using 3d programs along with Photoshop.

The end product will be a 300dpi high resolution file of any format of your choice.

I work remotely so location is not an issue. Please contact me for more information at:

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

My Best,

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Illustrations by Faythe

by Faythe Mills
(Glenwood, MN)

My illustration teacher taught me to meet deadlines, and if it's not your best to keep working on it...or start over.

I've illustrated three published children's books.

"The Captain's Hat," by Deb Mercier (my first book), was illustrated (17 soft pastels) and laid out for Minnewaska Press, in two months. I also illustrated and laid out "The Adventures of Molly & Skunky."

And I just finished 22 illustrations for "Missing My Best Friend," by Norma Thorstad Knapp, which will be done the first part of June, 2011.

My favorite medium, for illustrations, is soft pastels, but I also work in watercolor, pencil, ink wash & acrylic.

I LOVE drawing children, and I especially like to focus on their eyes if I can.

My profession is graphic arts (Graphics by Faythe), so I have many years of experience with printers and books.

I went back to college at age 37 and received my Graphics Design degree in 1990 from North Hennepin Community College.

I have worked as an independent graphic artist for Sharlene Jorgenson ("Quilting from the Heartland/Quilting with Shar") since 1994, doing instructional-digital illustrations and producing over 20 books, plus designing numerous patterns.

The three books I've illustrated were done for self-published authors. I made all changes they requested (in the illustrations and layouts).

I do enjoy doing school & library presentations, where I demonstrate how to lay out a composition for my illustrations and how to work with soft pastels.

My contact information is:

Graphics by Faythe
Faythe Mills
320-808-0244 cell
23278 N. Lakeshore Dr.
Glenwood, MN 56334

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