Messy Kayla
by Steven Johnson

Kayla knows how to use her imagination to have fun!

Kayla was bored. Her mother was finishing chores while Kayla waited in her room.

When her mother was finished, she had promised Kayla they would play games and watch a movie; but her mother was taking forever. So, Kayla decided to read a book.

She found one about a boy and a girl who loved jumping on their trampoline. Kayla wished she had a trampoline; she loved to jump. Then she had a thought. She climbed up on her bed and started to jump. Higher and higher she jumped until she fell off the bed with a big BUMP! Her mother came running into the room.

“Kayla! Are you okay?” she screamed rushing to Kayla’s side.

“I’m fine, mom” Kayla said laughing loudly. “I was just jumping on my bed!”

Her mom looked at the bed she had just made. The sheet, blankets and pillows were now all over the floor, just like Kayla.

“Kayla, I just finished making your bed! Now look at it, it’s a mess!” her mother cried.

“Sorry, mom”, Kayla said as she quickly got up from the floor. “I just wanted to play like the kids in my book".

Her mother sighed. “No worries”, she said and just like that, Kayla’s bed was made again.

Her mother gave her a stern warning before returning to her house work: no more jumping on the bed.

But, Kayla was still bored; her mother was never going to get finished so they could play. She decided to read another book.

This time she chose a book about a boy who had an adventure with a group of pirates. He hid on their ship until they found him. The captain made him work very hard; harder than all the pirates. One day the pirates made him carry all their tools to a small island. Then, the pirates buried a chest filled with gold and jewels deep in the sand.

“Wow!” Kayla thought; “I bet there’s buried treasure around our house. But where would I look?” Suddenly Kayla had an idea. She went to the kitchen and got a spoon.

“I bet there’s treasure buried in mom’s plants”, Kayla said. She was nearly to the bottom of third plant when she heard her mother scream.

“Kayla! What have you done to my plants? There’s dirt everywhere!”, her mother shrieked.

“Sorry mom, I was looking for buried treasure. In my book the pirates buried their gold deep in the sand”, Kayla explained.

Her mother sighed deeply. “Kayla, there is no buried treasure in my plants.” Her mother placed the pieces of plant in water and vacuumed up all the dirt from the floor and just like that, the room was spotless.

“I have to do something to keep Kayla busy” her mom thought. Then Kayla’s mom had an idea. She gave Kayla a book title “Hannah the Helper”. Kayla opened the book; it was about a little girl who helped her mom finish the housework so they could go to the zoo. Suddenly Kayla knew what to do. She found her mother and asked what she could do to help. Kayla’s mom smiled. Her plan had worked! Now Kayla would be doing things to help instead of creating more work.

“Well,” said her mom, “you can start by dusting these shelves. When you’ve finished, there’s more to do”. Kayla dusted the shelves; she also wiped the counters in the kitchen, picked up all the pillows from the floor in the living room and folded towels in the laundry room. Just like that, all the housework was done. Kayla’s mom sent her to change so they could play games.

“Finally,” Kayla thought. “It’s time to play.”

Kayla’s mom set up the games and waited for Kayla. She waited and waited, but Kayla never came. Finally she went to Kayla’s room to see what was keeping her. When she opened the door, there was Kayla fast asleep.

“I guess my plan worked too well,” her mother laughed. “But if I know my Kayla she’ll be up and into something else before too long.”

The End

©Steven LaFrance Johnson, 2015

The author lives in Alabama, USA.

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