Mentasia - The Way of Imagination
by Erik Humphries

Derek turns to the sage. “How do I use imagination?” he asks the sage. The old sage turns to him calmly. “I will show you”, he says.

“The Way of Imagination is a three-step process. To understand the later steps you must first understand the earlier steps. Once learned, you will be able to achieve great power. We will start with the first step.” The sage begins to smile. “This is the first step”, grins the sage. “What’s the first step?” says Derek. “Smiling is the first step.” the sage continues. “The Way of Imagination starts with a smile.” Derek stares at the sage pensively. “What’s that got to do with anything?” The sage looks at Derek with disappointment. “Are you not familiar with smiling?” he says as he continues to grin.

“I’m familiar with it”, answers Derek, “But I don’t see the point in it.” “Smiling is an important part of imagination”, says the sage. “It is a simple and effective way for your mind to achieve a great positive energy. Your mind needs this energy to function properly. That is why it is the first step.” “It just seems silly to me. . .” says Derek. The sage gently holds out his hand. “Just try it,” he says. “Oh, all right. . .” sighs Derek. Derek makes a smile.

“Good”, nods the sage. “You have accomplished the first step. Now you must try the second step.” The sage then sits down in the grass and folds his hands in his crossed legs. He then stares in silence.

“What step is this?” Derek says.

“Think”, the sage answers. “Simply use your mind’s power of imagery and sensation. Think of whatever you want. Your mere thoughts can become reality in this world. Remember that there is no limit to what you can think. This is the second step.”

“All right, then. . .” nods Derek.

Derek sits with the sage. He then lets his mind wander.

“Good”, says the sage. “You have accomplished the second step.”

Derek suddenly feels a tingling sensation all around his body. Sudden warmth overcomes him.

It then disappears.

“Huh?” wonders Derek. “What happened?!”

“Your thoughts took form”, says the sage, “but then they vanished.”

“Why did they vanish?” says Derek with concern.

“You thought them to”, answers the sage.

“I don’t understand . . .” says Derek.

“Then I will show you the third step. . .” says the sage.

“Believe”, says the sage. “Thoughts are powerful but will not manifest for long in this world if you do not believe. Believing is the way for those thoughts to become real. Believe with all of your being. This is the third and final step.”

“OK”, nods Derek. “I will. . .”

Derek continues to sit in the grass and think. A great change transforms his body.

Derek suddenly looks up at the sage who is still seated.

“How’s this?” says Derek.

“Very good!” the sage answers. “You are doing it!”

Derek starts to hop around the grass on his small hind legs. He darts his head around for an open spot in the trees. Flexing his tail he then flaps his wings and ascends towards the sky.

Derek flies himself through the open treetops. The breeze flows gently against his feathers as he ascends. He breaks through the treetops without hitting a single branch and continues to climb higher.

Derek glides gracefully through the clear skies with the sunlight reflecting off his shiny feathers.

He suddenly swoops down from the skies and flies towards the sage. Derek lands in the soft grass next to him. He then transforms back to his normal form.

“That was fun!” exclaims Derek.

“Very good”, nods the sage.

“This is amazing!” says Derek turning to the sage. “I can imagine and become whatever I want!”

“That is something I must warn you about. . .” says the sage.

Derek turns to the sage in full attention.

“Since you have the ability to create something good you also have the ability to create something bad”, says the sage. “You must remember that your thoughts in this world become real. Anything negative that enters your mind will happen as well as anything positive. It is important to fill your mind with positive energy. Do you understand?”

Derek smiles a huge smile.

“You have learned well.” says the sage.

Copyright Erik Humphries 2007

Erik lives in Maryland, USA. His story is part of a series. Read another!

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