Marketing 24/7

by Julie Woik
(Sarasota, Florida)

The Life and Times of Lilly the Lash

The Life and Times of Lilly the Lash

The Life and Times of Lilly the Lash
The Life and Times of Lilly the Lash; The Toy Store

I can't tell you everything that has transpired the past 4 years, but if you decide to self-publish, you must learn 3 words...MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING!

I've learned that everyone seems to feel they have a great book somewhere inside of them. And, maybe they do. But when I'm approached regarding how I got to where I am, I tell people straight out, you HAVE to know how you're going to sell it, or you'll end up with 4500 books in your garage.

Take my books, for example. We have a fabulous product. Each book is very well written, they rhyme, they teach life lessons and build character, they're absolutely incredibly illustrated, we have about 100 activities for FREE on line for each book in the series, they're hard cover, larger than average in size, we donate a percentage of sales to different organizations, and you get all of that for a super duper price of just $19.95.

Yeah, okay, and the question still remains, how do I get everyone to know about this fantastic book series? Answer: market it in every way I think is appropriate and affordable. I'm constantly thinking of ways to get Lilly's name out there. During the week, I present at schools, speak at clubs and organizations, and fill orders from the Lilly the Lash website. (Visit to see how Julie markets.) On the weekends I do craft fairs, festivals, farmer's markets, home shows, and so forth. You've got to spend time and money getting your product out there. If you don't, it's simple: no one will know it exists.

Money and time are a huge consideration.

We've spent more money than intended (as most companies do) and I'm marketing in some way 24/7. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. Absolutely love it!!! So for me, it doesn't seem like a job. But if you don't plan to devote any of your time to getting your product out there, you may want to hold off for the time being.

I've realized that I have the ability to pave the path for Lilly the Lash to become a household name. It won't happen in a day. I'll be building this road one stone at a time.

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Sep 30, 2010
Getting Lilly out there
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

Webmaster's note: Read a terrific review of Julie's Lilly the Lash books on this site.

Julie, thanks for a great post. You emphasize what I think is the most important message for self publishing authors to hear:

The books don't sell themselves.

If someone doesn't have the time, energy and will for MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING, then they best be ready to NOT sell a lot of books.

You know, speaking of marketing, I keep seeing the phrase self-esteem coming up in reference to your books. 1,360 pages on the web contain the phrases Lilly the Lash and self-esteem.

As someone who does his book marketing through this popular website, that caught my attention.

And got me thinking...

You have the standard book website. It's terrific for what it does. People who are looking for Lilly can find Lilly and enrich their experience with her.

That's great. But what about people who are looking for picture books that teach self-esteem?

Well, Lilly currently comes in only 41st on a Google search for self-esteem picture books, and that 41st listing is your review page on this site!!!

So here's a bug to put in your ear...

What about a site that's about self-esteem in children, and only secondarily about Lilly?

You would be drawing from that huge universe of searchers who want such information but DON'T know about Lilly.

And you wouldn't have to let visitors who don't buy the books go to waste. You could, for instance, sell other books. Say, books for parents on building self-esteem in their children.

That's what I'd do. Heck, that's what I did: look here.

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