The Lost Little Puppy
a poem by Eli Marina

lost dog in city

A little puppy sat
Alone with big sad brown
He wasn't very smart
He wasn't very wise
Lost in that big busy street
Thirsty and hungry, but nobody
Offered him a treat
And the cars ran fast
By him
Some were red
Some were black
The big machines,
Scared the little puppy
Who left his home
And don't know how to get

The little puppy missed his
Friend Timmy the boy with
The blond hair
And freckles over the face
Timmy played with the little puppy
And loved him
In too many different ways
How much I miss Timmy
The little puppy cried
While he crawled by the
Newspaper stand
Too many people passed
By, heard the little puppy crying
But nobody seemed to understand
It was getting darker
And the sun was saying goodbye
People were walking faster
And the birds flew by
What a cruel, cruel world
For somebody as fragile
And shy
Being so lonely went so
How much I miss Timmy,
How much I need to sleep
That thought brought tears to
His eyes, and the little puppy
At third street and Main
Promised God not to do that again
The Little puppy sat quietly gazing at the
Busy street
And each time a little boy passed by
His heart skipped a beat
All faces were indifferent
Except an old lady
Who drew close, with a face
So gentle and sweet
She carried the little puppy
And held him so near
Where is your home little one?
Where is your family?
How long you've been lost…my dear?
I am so glad you didn't get yourself
Killed on this busy street
I am sure you are hungry
I will get you something to eat
The old lady walked slowly
The streets were quite and
You can only hear in that
Silence, a faint meow, or a bark
We are here the old lady said
Walking through the door
The little puppy smelt something
That he couldn't ignore
It was a baked chicken sitting ready
In the oven
The old lady put some water
For the puppy to quench his thirst
You will have a piece of that chicken but
First things first
The collar around the puppy's neck
Carried his address and name
And the old lady whispered in the
Puppy's ear
Now we will call this number to
Find your family my dear
Timmy was on the other side
Talking to the old lady
Is he OK?
Did you give him some water?
I hope he ate
The old lady said with a big
Smile on the face
I will answer all your questions
If you can wait
The little puppy is back with
His family
He will never be lost again and
Never again he will be lonely
Thanks to the sweet little lady
Who stood near
Trying very hard not to shed a tear
And when she held the little puppy
For the last time
She whispered to him, never get lost again
My Dear.

The End

copyright Eli Marina

The author lives in Michigan, USA.

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