Stop and Look at God's Word
by Donna Drion

Donna Drion's Stop and Look at God's Word

Christian children's book review by Jane Finch.

Ages 2-7

How to discover more about God and what He is like

This book makes comparisons about the world around us and how it relates to God. This is what I like about this author, she draws the reader into appreciation of the natural world.

In Stop and Look at God's Word, she compares how the sun, moon and stars tell us about how big and powerful God is.

Then the book goes on to look at tiny insects and explains how God cares about everything He has made, even the little things.

Then the book goes on to talk about God’s book, the Bible, and how the reader can learn more about what God is like and what we ourselves are like.

When I first started reading Stop and Look at God’s Word, I was quite surprised to see the story of Adam and Eve. I thought this might be a difficult subject for such a young reader. However, the author Donna Drion took a lovely approach. She speaks about God having made everything good in the beginning, and then explains why everything is not so good now.

The book explains that Adam and Eve did the one thing God told them not to do, and so they became unhappy.

There is even a part that deals with sin, explaining that it was sin that made Adam and Eve unhappy, and the effect that had. The comparison is then made with ourselves being like Adam and Eve and how we want to go our own way.

The book also deals with Jesus’ birth, and his death on the cross. It explains about honesty and speaks about the importance of prayer.

The publisher suggests the book for ages 2-7, but because of some of the aspects dealt with in this book such as sin and asking God to be a personal Saviour, I feel this book would be also suitable for an older reader, perhaps age 8+.

That is why the Stop and Look at series is so special, because the books progress in a child’s understanding of the world and God in that world.

This is a hardback book of 32 pages. As with all the books in this series , the illustrations are lovely and colourful and perfect for conveying the meaning of these books.

The author, Donna Drion, has a degree in illustration and she clearly uses her gift to bring this book to life for the young reader. Although she grew up in England, Donna now lives in America with her husband, who is studying for the pastoral ministry.

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