by Keith Baker

Keith Baker's LMNO Peas

Book review by Isabella Thompson

Ages 3-6

The alphabet, presented by the (not so) humble pea!

LMNO Peas by author Keith Baker is a vivid rendezvous with the alphabet that will leave you seeing green--green peas that is.

And for those of us who were under the misguided impression that peas were somehow boring… boy, were we wrong!

two page spread from the book, very shrunken!

These little guys, once considered for lunch and even as a nice accompaniment to mashed potatoes during dinner (according to most grownups anyway), make their grammatical debut in a book about…well, peas and the twenty-six letters we know and love.

Here in this book, the “Peas” are set on introducing your child to the alphabet while elaborating on their immense talents, abilities and unique qualities. You will not look at those small, round, and previously mundane legumes the same way ever again, I guarantee it.

They can do it all from stellar space travels as astronauts; as doctors with x-ray machine capabilities; to “yogis in a pose” and everything in between, they’re simply unbelievable. And who knows, after reading this book your child may even ask for a second helping of those “little green guys”.

But whether or not their taste buds perk up at the thought of peas, their eyes are sure to feast on the “limey” greens, “sunshiney” yellows, “powder puff” pinks, “Baltic Sea” blues and the other lively colors that are used to create the fun and perky illustrations throughout. LMNO Peas is not to be missed!

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