A Little Touch of Monster
written by Emily Lampert
illustrated by Victoria Chess

A Little Touch of Monster by Emily Lampert - cover

Emily Lampert's A Little Touch of Monster
illustrated by Victoria Chess

Book review by Kristin Peck

Ages 4-8

Compromise or belly aches

Always the baby in the bonnet during his sisters' playtime games;
Never the color sweater he actually wanted;
Oatmeal for breakfast instead of eggs;
If someone told him how cute he was one more time …

The ideal model of amenability, little Parker frequently finds himself in situations of distaste due to the fact that he is the smallest in his family.

In this realistically written book, the reader follows along with a relatable ally as he suddenly realizes, as most children do, that becoming a "monster" that snarls and growls at everyone works to his advantage.  Parker begins to get the things he wants instead of what he was originally ordered to do - thankfully not the moral of the story.

Expressive illustrations by Victoria Chess show those in Parker's life cowering before his menacing, ankle-biting antics, and wondering where Parker's lovely personality has gone. Scaring old ladies, for goodness sakes, was certainly not the proper way for a young gentleman to behave!

Parker under the table, scaring his elders

The demands become more and more comical as they get quite inventive from the mind of a creative little boy. Pages flooded with unrealistic requests are sure to fill the readers with bellyfuls of hilarity. 

Eggs for breakfast with pink sprinkles;
Parker's sisters were now the dogs in the games;
Forget that plain sweater color! He must have an originally thought-out garment that, to his delight, had to be special ordered!

The story carries to a point where Parker reaches the conclusion that getting his way with over-the-top conditions does not always result in the best of consequences.

Belly ache … ouch! 

Compromise becomes the key.This is a story that both parents and children will enjoy simply because sometimes it is so hard for adults to remember that little children are people too. They have feelings and wants/desires that oftentimes compete with older siblings or guardians and therefore, are dismissed or ignored as silly or not important.

A Little Touch of Monster contains an inside look at the thought process behind some of those sudden temper tantrums many are often shocked and surprised to see come out of their "angels."

Parents are sure to nod along in amusement while putting their own experiences into perspective and feeling the pain of Parker's parents as they try to piece together what he truly wants.

In such busy lives, Lampert delivers an important reminder that inside the obedient body of a child, there is an imaginative mind at work that is trying to figure out how to become noticed as more than just a doll to dress up.

Oftentimes, those wants or needs that children inherently have to get their way instead of being disregarded, are expressed in the only way they know how - A Little Touch of Monster!

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