My Little Sister, Doris
by Liz Pichon

Liz Pichon's My Little Sister, Doris

Children's book review by Jane Finch

Ages 2-5

A children's book about a new an egg!

Little Croc, real name Moris, really wants a pet, but instead he gets a little sister called Doris.

Little Croc’s day starts with him playing Croc Stars with his brother, Boris. They play the guitar and sing together.

Then their parents tell them there is going to be the sound of tiny feet. Little Croc becomes excited and thinks he is finally going to get a pet. Then his parents explain that there is going to be a baby croc.

Mum Croc is holding an egg, which is introduced as the baby croc.

My Little Sister, Doris

Little Croc’s world suddenly changes. He is not allowed to run near the egg, or talk loudly, or play his guitar or do anything that might disturb the egg. He feels that the egg is spoiling his fun, and complains to his dad.

Dad Croc suggests Moris plays with his brother, Boris. However, Boris has a girlfriend so has no time for Moris.

Moris goes to his bedroom and finds that he now shares his room with the egg. The egg also has his crib, with Little Croc painted on it.

Moris is unhappy because he used to be Little Croc, and now the egg seems to be taking over his role.

Mum Croc tries to explain that when the egg hatches, Moris and Little Croc will have so much fun, but Moris doesn’t believe her. He feels very sorry for himself.

Mum Croc suggests Moris sing to the egg, encouraging him that he has such a sweet voice. He agrees, and to his surprise the egg begins to hatch.

The egg hatches into his new sister, Doris. But she is not much fun at first. She wakes him up at night with her crying, and plays with his toys, and breaks his things. She can’t even say his name properly.

Moris thinks his new sister is the most annoying little sister in the whole world.

The final straw comes when Doris breaks the strings on Moris’ guitar. He shouts at Doris who becomes upset, and his parents tell off Moris.

However, Boris explains what happened, and Dad Croc helps to mend the guitar. Doris then gives Moris a big hug and even says his name properly. Suddenly, sisters are not so bad.

Doris even ends up being quite good at Croc Stars.

My Little Sister, Doris

There is one more surprise for Moris as he gets a present. He finally has a pet.

This is a really good story with a subtle understanding of how difficult it can be having a new addition to the family, and in the case of Moris, becoming a big brother instead of being the youngest.

The issues are very believable, and using a crocodile family to portray this message is very clever.

I love the way the names of the characters are so similar, Boris, Moris, and of course little sister Doris. They are easy names for a child to remember and a simple way to show the transition of Little Croc to Big Brother as the egg becomes Little Croc.

My Little Sister, Doris is a sequel to My Big Brother, Boris, which was a winner of the Nestle Children’s Book Prize Silver Award.

Lovely, colourful illustrations help the reader to follow the story through the bright and funny characters that are the crocodile family.

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