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Growing a list of fairy tales

I'm always amazed when someone doesn't know a story that was part of my growing up. I'd assumed it was part of everyone's growing up.

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Then I hear about a popular fairy tale that I've never even heard of. I guess there are just too many of them out there! So many cultures. So many storytellers. (Hans Christian Andersen. The Brothers Grimm. Your grandmother!) So many different versions of a tale in so many different languages.

The way I view my job here is to grow a list of fairy tales online for you to browse and read in their entirety. I make sure that the versions I post are in the public domain (that is, they're no longer under copyright), so that you can read them for free.

Castle needs princess!

Of course, for reading them to your children, they should be in book form. (Or you could memorize them!)

Definition of fairy tale

I think of a fairy tale as a traditional story that features magical events or magical creatures. Interestingly, we've come to use the term fairy tale ending to mean the best ending possible.

Well, anyone who has read a lot of fairy tales knows that they don't always have upbeat endings! I think we have Disney to thank for this usage, because the most popular fairy tales are usually made popular by Disney - and Disney doesn't much care for downbeat endings.

Some fairy tales are awash in magic, while some only have a tiny but important magical element.

The lists of fairy tales below will grow over time, so remember to bookmark us!

Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm

Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

Fairy Tales by Charles Perrault

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A classic fairy tale...for

Walter Crane's classic, The Sleeping Beauty (approx. 1900). We kept the original rhyming text and turned the illustrations into coloring book pictures!

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