The Life and Times of
Lilly the Lash (series)

written by Julie Woik
illustrated by Marc Tobin

Julie Woik's Lilly the Lash books
illustrated by Marc Tobin

Book review by Annie Desantis

Ages 5-8

Life lessons in self esteem from an eyelash fairy

The Lilly the Lash books have not actually been around for long - they just came into my life this year, but I have been so taken with them, I am passing them on!

Written and self published by Julie Woik, the Lilly series are quirky, magical and teach children a different life lesson with each book. Currently there are two in the series, but more are planned.

Julie writes in rhyme, which kids love, and the illustrations are kind of old fashioned, and full of detail.

Lilly is an eyelash fairy! (I told you they were quirky!)

"When you find a fallen eyelash, make a wish, blow it to the wind, and your wish will come true" (an old fable)

Lilly's mission is to make the world a better place, and she sprinkles her magic dust to help teach a life lesson, such as good self esteem, the importance of sharing etc.

These gorgeous hard cover books have funny little facts at the end, and a percentage of each book goes to various Charities. Julie also provides lots of activities to accompany the books - she even has badges for scouts! You can find them at the Lilly the Lash website.

As a Parent Coach it is wonderful to find books for children that are so inspiring and whose author also contributes so much herself to make the world a better place.

Definitely go read them! The Life and Times of Lilly Lash at Amazon.

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