Ethan the Lefty

by Stephanie Travers

boy with scissors

Once upon a time in a small little house at the edge of the block, there was a little boy named Ethan. Ethan was in 4th grade. He has brown hair and big brown eyes. Ethan was a smart little boy. He could read, he could make his own bed, take out the trash and even sleep in his room without a nightlight. Ethan was a sweet boy. He had lots of friends and was kind to all the animals.However, there were things that Ethan had trouble doing. He would never ever tell anyone these things that he couldn’t do, because ALL 4th graders could do these things.

Ethan couldn’t cut with scissors, or zip up his pants. He couldn’t write cursive or play baseball. The worst thing Ethan couldn’t do was tie his own shoes.

Ethan didn’t know why he couldn’t do these things. He just couldn’t. Ethan would try over and over again. But over and over again he would fail. “What’s a matter with me?” Ethan would think. “Why can everyone else do this but me?”

After a while Ethan stopped cutting with scissors. “I can tear the paper just as easy” He stopped wearing pants with zippers. “Pants with an elastic waist are much more comfortable” He stopped writing in cursive. “People can read print better anyways.” And he stopped playing baseball. “Basketball is more fun”. He would ask his parents to tie his shoes, so never would have to do it. “My parents tie my shoes tighter anyways.”

Then one day, a new little boy was in Ethan’s class. His name was Michael. Michael was shy and he had bright red hair with freckles on his nose and cheeks. Michael sat next to Ethan and Ethan, being the sweet little boy he was, decided to be friends with Michael.

“Hi, my name is Ethan.” Said Ethan excitedly

Michael smiled a shy smile, “my name is Michael.”

“Would you like to sit with me during art class?” Ethan asked?

“Sure,” Michael replied.

The two boys sat at a little table in the very back of art class.

“Class, today we are going to use scissors, glue and paper to create collages for art today,” explained the teacher.

“Oh no!” thought Ethan. “Not scissors!”

Ethan didn’t want his new friend to know that he couldn’t cut with scissors. What was he going to do? The teacher past out all the papers, glue and scissors to the children at the tables. Ethan held the scissors in his hand and his heart sank. “How am I going to do this without looking dumb in front of my new friend?” thought Ethan.

Just then Michael raised his hand. “Excuse me teacher, I am left-handed. Can I have a pair of left-handed scissors?”

“Of course,” said the teacher and she exchanged the scissors.

“Left-handed scissors?” thought Ethan. “What the heck are those?” Ethan watched in wonderment Michael as he cut with the special scissors. Michael looked up from his paper at Ethan and blushed.

“I’m a lefty,” said Michael “I have to use left handed scissors or I can’t cut paper.”

Can’t cut paper! “What does a lefty mean?” asked Ethan.

“It means that I do things with my left hand, like write, cut, play baseball and tie my shoes,” said Michael.

What! Ethan couldn’t believe it! He couldn’t believe there was such a thing. Could it be that he was a lefty too? But how would he know? How could he find out? Ethan thought. Then he looked at the scissors in Michael’s hand.

“Michael, can I borrow your scissors please?” asked Ethan.

Michael smile and nodded and handed Ethan the scissors. Ethan put the scissors in his left hand. They felt so comfortable and natural. Then he lifted his paper and squeezed the handle of the scissors, “snip”. A small piece fell off the corner.

“WOW!” yelled Ethan “I am a lefty too!”

The whole class turned and looked at the small table in the back of the class. Ethan and Michael’ cheeks turned bright red.

The teacher smiled at the boys. “Ethan would you like a pair of left-hand scissors too?” Ethan smiled and nodded sheepishly. The teacher traded Ethan’s scissors for a pair of the same kind she had given Michael. The two boys cut and chatted all through art class.

“I didn’t know I was a lefty,” said Ethan “can you teach me to do all the things you can with your left hand?”

“Of course,” said Michael.

Over the next few weeks, Michael and Ethan were always together. Michael taught Ethan how to write cursive, zip his pants, play baseball and tie his shoes with his left hand. Ethan now feels just like any other 4th grader and he can do everything everyone else does. Thanks to Michael.

Ethan and Michael are not only known as the two “Lefties” in class but they are also known as the two best friends in class.

The End

This story either part of whole may not be reproduced without the consent of the author, Stephanie Travers. Copyright 2010.

The author lives in Washington State, USA.

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