How Mitzi Mae Learned to Play

by Jennifer Krausse

two girls playing hopscotch

Mitzi Mae truly loved to play,
with friends from near, and far away.

But she liked to be the one in charge,
and really loved to boss around Marge.

When it came to saying what was on her mind,
Marge just thought, getting along was just fine.

So Marge agreed with Mitzi Mae,
all she did, and ALL she would say.

Mitzi Mae just wanted to play games and more games,
And though they were different, they were all much the same.

She enjoyed games with monsters, and bad guys galore,
shoot ‘em up games, full of violence and gore.

These games had you staring at a huge TV screen,
for hours on end, till Marge thought she’d scream!

Of course Mitzi Mae won every round,
then bragged on herself, making Marge feel down.

There was NO fresh air, no outside green,
just one LARGE plasma TV screen.

Finally the day came, when Marge thought she would pop.
So she took a deep breath... and then she yelled “S T O P ! ! !”

Mitzi Mae was quite shocked at this display,
and said “How dare you speak to ME that way!”

“The very nerve.” said Mitzi Mae.
“What a rude thing, for you to say. “

“I can no longer be your friend.”
She said their friendship had reached its end.

And then she showed Marge to the door.
Saying, “Please don’t call me anymore.”

But Marge standing her ground firm,
told Mitzi Mae she’d much to learn,

about what it takes to BE a friend.
There was no need for their friendship to end.

If Mitzi Mae would just agree to come,
OUTSIDE… to have some fresh air fun!

With no electronic games to play,
she’d learn to look at things a new way.

She’d teach her games from her parent’s time,
when children played with sticks and twine.

They involved no TV, and no toy guns.
There was no violence, only loads of fun!

She played these games from morning till dark.
She played in her back yard, and the nearby park.

They could build a tree house, or make a fort,
that didn’t require anyone to be a good sport.

Driveway hopscotch, riding bikes,
enjoying nature, taking hikes.

Marbles, jacks, and pick-up-sticks,
jump rope, and some yo-yo tricks.

Catching lightening bugs at night,
lights up a jar for a reading light!

While sleeping out under the stars,
in the night sky, they could even see Mars.

Once they were safe, in bed for the night,
Mitzi Mae admitted, that Marge had been right.

About the best way to have fun, she could see,
it was Marge, who knew the best way to be.

As for friendship and fun, Mitzi Mae had no clue.
It was Marge who knew best, whose old ideas were so new!

Now you too can learn, all the games that Marge knows,
and take them all with you, wherever you go!

The End

Copyright Jennifer Krausse 2011

The author lives in Indiana, USA.

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