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I am delighted to have been accepted as a children’s book reviewer by Best Children’s Books. I hope to inform, inspire and entertain you with my book reviews.

I myself am an illustrator and writer. I have been writing content for the Internet for a few years now on all subjects ranging from dating to office supplies. My content is well received due its simple unadorned language and structure.

More recently, I have started offering illustration services.

I create personalized gifts; illustrate children’s books and draw gag cartoons.

Art has always been my first love but life got in the way of my impractical dreams. Only now, since becoming a work-from-home-mum have I had the chance to develop my dream and am now fortunate enough to be able earn my living doing what I love most.

Prior to being a freelance writer and illustrator, I was a Manager working in Health and Retail. An occupation I excelled in and yet never enjoyed. It was merely a means to an end. I do though have a vast amount of business experience as a result so if you would like any tips in that regard, feel free to ask!

I have two children, Sophie and Adam aged 7 and 6yrs. They are the lights of my life as I am sure your children are yours and I take a great interest in their personal, emotional, social, and academic development. I have a vast library giving supporting advice, but I have found the best advice is:

  • Give children room to breathe,
  • Provide the tools for them to teach themselves
  • Praise and reward learning

Summed up ‘Let them get on with it!’

I shall be reviewing books that are enjoyed by my own children as well as those that have wide appeal. I hope to get to the grass roots of their appeal and discover any benefits they may have for you and your child alike.

I hope you enjoy my reviews,

-- Leah Gray, Artist and Writer

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